Michael Weare, Gristmill Investment Limited


New Member
Thanks for your swift response to my mail/proposal to you.
Now quite considered is the fact that I am not acquainted with you/company vice versa, but my plan was to initiate correspondence with you by email and attain a level of understanding and trust with you, which would enable us work in cooperation.
Note that our proposal was actually sent to your company, from our admin department, our website is presently been upgraded and for this reason we had to contact you from a Gmail and yahoo emailing address. I am Mr. Michael. P. Weare, I am the Managing Partner/Adviser of the Grist Mill Investment Company.
Gristmill Investment Limited is based in Ireland and in the United Kingdom, we are an investment brokerage firm, consultation and we offer professional investment advice and analysis to client in Europe, Middle East and Asia.

We also help clients determine where and how to invest funds, and take advantage of lucrative opportunities at the right time.

We have been appointed by a client to manage and invest the sum of Twenty Five Million American Dollars intended to be invested in Middle East/Asia, but since we only specialize in consultation and advise services, we have reasoned that it would be appropriate to get the participation of other business professionals who would act as field managers of the investment funds, whereas we would be consultants and advisers.
The investment funds are presently secured in United Kingdom, our company has advised our client to considered investing her funds in fields like Real Estate, Health Care, I.T and computer technologies, Venture capital and Sea Food export E.T.C.
Therefore on these brief, we would want to get advice and suggestions from you as to which of these fields of investment would be most lucrative in your country to enable us determine which field to concentrate on, and also introduce to us any other investment field that you deem profitable within your country.
Further More, I will like to know the follow:
Are you in position to receive Twenty Five Million American Dollars from our client and bank investing same within your country?
Please provide answer to the questions above to enable us determine how to proceed.
Do send to me in your next mail an investment brief on any of this investment field for our company comprehensive review of it.

Kindly confirm receipt of my email as I anticipate hearing from you soonest. I will stop now and wait to hear form you.
Thank you

Mr. Michael Weare.
Managing Partner
Gristmill Investment Limited