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Subject: REF: ATM-PAYMENT APPROVAL /0568-A4/UBA-2390.


Dear beneficiary,

This message is from the Foreign Remittance Department of United Bank for Africa (UBA) Cotonou-Benin Republic Branch; Based on the new banking reform in accordance with the World Bank rules in collaboration with the Republic of Benin Ministry of Finance. We have been authorized with full banking responsibilities to proceed in paying out every suspended Contract/Over-due payment to every concerned beneficiary whose information is forwarded to us. Be informed that your payment will be delivered to you through a UNIVERSAL ATM GOLD MASTER-CARD method.

The recommended Universal ATM Card payment option was simply implemented to reduce the higher rate of international transfer Taxations / Charges which was the main reason some beneficiaries /Contractors has been unable to claim or receive their various payments. With this mode of payment, we are committed to helping you with the affordable and reliable ATM payment method which will be delivered to you through the DHL Express Courier service.

After receiving the world bank's authorization and empowerment of being responsible for these unclaimed payments in favor of beneficiaries, your unclaimed payment data was among the information that was forwarded to us for further remittance via UNIVERSAL ATM GOLD MASTER-CARD. Meanwhile, we have verified and confirmed that your approved sum of Three Million, Six Hundred Thousand United States Dollars ($US3.6 Million ) has remained unclaimed due to a complicated protocols that has been delaying your payment.

As a matter of urgency, you're advise to immediately contact Mr.Ellis Nzo ASU, (Director of Operations Cotonou Benin Republic) with your ID,telephone number and registered mailing address for him to provide you with confirmable proofs for your GOLD ATM MASTER CARD. He will also send you the Serial number of your ATM Master Card so that you can personally track online first of all to verify the validity of the CARD before sending it to you via express courier service.

Below is the direct email contact of Ellis Nzo ASU.
ATTN: Dr. Ellis Nzo ASU.
(Director of Operations UBA Bank Cotonou-Benin)
Tel/Fax: +229 69526965.
EMAIL: departmentatmcard@outlook.com

Please do not waste time at all in contacting Mr. Ellis ASU for more proofs and collection efficiently. Your urgent compliance will be greatly appreciated for quick action.

Yours sincerely, Micheal A. Sabath
(UBA group Information Alert Officer)