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U.S- Department of State
National Visa Center
Rochester Avenue. Portsmouth 35004.-

Case number:- _NVC20147730094_

_September:- 2014_

The U.S. Department of State notifies you of being selected as a winner of the Diversity- visa- program.
To receive the green card; you need to apply and obtain the U.S.- immigrant- visa. the visa will permit you to travel to the United- State to receive your green- card.

Complete-forms DS 230. for yourself and all accompanying family members which will be used to file your immigrant-visa petition at the National Visa Center to process your visa and schedule your visa interview appointment at the U.S.- Embassy- nearest to you for the issuance of your visa.

Download DS 230 form here DS 230: Click- the application- for Immigrant- Visa-n. DS230 form[1]

1. International-Passport:
Include- the photo-page of your international-passport (Only the principal-applicant). View- sample here - International Passport[2]

2. Passport-size-photograph:
Glue- one passport size-photograph-for each person-mentioned in the-application at the top left corner of form DS-230. View- sample here--F PASSPORT&GT; PHOTO[3]
Photo- instruction is- available> here

Your application fall within Asia region and therefore will be processed at our Asia-Pacific office center.
Address: South Sathorn Road Bangkok, Thailand.
Contact person: George Thanksin
Tel: +66 (837-103-394)

How Can I Submit my-application?
Submit-your-application to them-for processing at this-email: _VISASTUDY.STATE.GOVS@usa.com_

You should be prepared to pay your immigrant visa fee of $330 at the Embassy on the day-of your visa interview appointment. The fees changes can be found here: -- CHANGE IN-PROCESSING FEES-FOR-VISAS TO THE-USA.

Yours In Services,
Michel H. Bering