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Date: Wed, 30 May 2018

Date: Wednesday 30- 05- 2018

In a brief introduction, I am (Sabath Almeida Michel) the Director General of Operation with Continental Bank Cotonou Benin Republic. How are you this blessed day couple with your family? Hope fine. The reason why I am writing to you is that I have an interesting transaction to discuss with you which will benefit you and your family. The business deal discussion has to do with one of my bank's AC holder, a foreigner and also a contractor with one of the leading Companies in Benin-Cotonou. I managed to get your contact details through the Internet search myself because time is of importance to it as I am desperately looking for an international partner like you right away to assist immediately to keep this money for investment. On December 25 2003, George Altom Salyers, his wife and their only daughter were involved in Air-Crash near the Atlantic Ocean in Cotonou suburb. Please my dear, you can see or visit the CNN web news for the tragedy yourself.

So since then I have made several inquiries to locate any relative to this deceased customer. All attempts turns to no avail as he has no other family or relation living different away from him.

Instead of letting this money goes to my government as abandoned funds according to the law and constitution of the country that any discovered funds like this should be confiscated by government. So my decision to contact you is now that I am the only one knowing about this deposit, I humbly want you and I to go into strong trusting partnership, My dear, listen the nature of your business is completely irrelevant to this transaction because all I need from you is an assurance that my interest will be fully protected once this money gets to you. So I need your assurance and then I will handle this myself. The deceased made a numbered time (fixed) deposit with my bank. Right now as I speaks, his account accrues to about (Eighteen Million, Three hundred and Eighty- Four Thousand U S Dollars) $USD18.384M. Presently, I have made all the necessary arrangements and the funds is sitting as I writes to you on a consignments treasure as you can view picture of one of them waiting to be moved out once you reply.

Please note there will be no problem at all, with my position here and experience as a Director of Operation in banking and finance world guarantees the successful execution of this deal and our share will be ratio of 35% for you and 65% for me. In fact, you have nothing to worry about because I here will be handling almost everything to ensure the successful execution of this deal. This is very simple, I will like you to reply immediately for more details because I need not to waste any time on this. And also give to me your private mobile number for easier and fast correspondence. I look forward to read from you immediately after receiving this message. Best Regards and see you soon.

Michel Sabath Almeida


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