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Hey all, meet Michelle F. Jones, of "Tampa, Florida". She's cute and her photos are here:

And here's her first letter. Compare with the first letter of Brandi Hamilton
http://antifraudintl.org/threads/brandi-hamilton.94479/. Looks similar doesn't it? That's because scammers work from a script, just like they do in Hollywood, except scammers are trying to steal money, not earn it. (N.B. Scammers would actually argue that stealing money is "working" but that argument holds no water with me). Notice that letter is from "Michelle" but is signed "Brandi" at the bottom. What's with that? [Answer: Scammers work from a script, the same one in this case]. Also, this scammer isn't real bright.

Hello dear, how are you doing today, hope great, let me introduce myself, my name is Michelle F Jones, 26 years female from Tampa,Florida I searched your profile, read it and I was amazed with the content of your words therefore I'd be pleased for the both of us to get acquainted for an intimate, Long term relationship and more personal and see what happens from there because I'd love to settle down once I'm done with my contract and I just want to inform you as well that I am willing to relocate to anywhere if that takes me to meet the real and right man for me.

I'm a Textile Designer and a Model short per time, the nature of my job takes me around the globe and right now am presently in the states, I'll be traveling to the UK and then finally to West Africa in few days for a contract, it's exciting because this is my first time of traveling to African Region , I'd be spending less or more than a week depending on the nature of the Job am suppose to do and I'll let you know how many days I'll be spending when I get the approval letter from the organization in charge and I hope I end it nice. I love to swim, read, watch movies, dance, cook, shop, skate, and golf e.g. I love caring all time and taking good care of my man as expected of me.
I'm single and looking for the right man to spend my life with and get settled down with when I'm done with my contract, am slim, 5.7 tall, breast size 32b and 134 lbs. Am Latino American, mum from Costa Rica and dad from the us, but grew a little in London before we moved back to the states and stayed awhile in Alabama, smith station, where I lost my parents in a car accident a long time ago.
I love to be with a man who is caring, trustworthy, truthful, understanding, gentle, God fearing and most of all a man whom we can share our good and bad times together, who will be there in terms of needing a helping hand, who will stand by me all the time and who can share my whole heart with, I do hope you possess such qualities. I would love to hear more from u.
I've few pics incase you would like to see them, hope to hear from you real soon and hope we get Intimated soon, I hate lies, cheaters and deceivers and I cherish truth and understanding. I would want you to reply back to my email: dihamilton22@yahoo.com
Note: I's imperatives you reply to my email address so that you can get updated and quick response from me because I don't check the site always expect my email address daily.

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She's going to travel

What's up Dear, how are you doing today, I hope great. I appreciate your comments and the interest you have shown concern me more so I do appreciate the fact that you took time to reply back my email, it has proven to me the kind of guy you are or would be and I'm impressed.

Well I do leave in TAMPA,FLORIDA because it's my home but I'd be traveling to West Africa today for a modeling contract I was nominated for, this is my first time taking this kinda trip, it's a fashion show which is gonna worth about 20,000 dollars at conclusion, and I've about just a week to spend. I've been packing all things and making sure my documents and papers are intact for the journey so that I've a smooth and stress free trip because this is my first time going to Africa so am so sorry if I'm late in replying your mail.

Hope my going to West Africa isn't gonna affect us, I really want to get to know you better and I want to be with you if really you're serious. I've suffered heartbreak in the past and I don't wanna experience that no more. I wanna get settled down immediately after my show, so I wanna know if you're serious about me because I don't joke around.

I wanna know your name, what you do for a living, if you live alone and if you've any kid, well I love kids a lot but don't have any yet, I'd appreciate it if you will tell me everything about you babe. I wanna know your likes and dislike, I wanna know if you're gonna be real and honest to me. I'll send you pictures of as we continue in the quest of knowing each other better
I'm waiting in anticipation for Ur urgent reply.
Later sweetie


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Hmm. Pretty much bread and butter stuff from a scammer.

Hey Babe, how are you, I believe you're okay from the look of things and I can also tell from your reply that you're really very happy and I'm happy you're in good health. Well I just wanna send you this quick mail before I leave the states for South Africa, I got an urgent notice that I'd be leaving for WA today.

It's a great thing to hear from you, sorry I won't be able to give you a call nor we getting to know and meet each other in person before leaving because right now I'm busy putting everything I needed for the contract intact to make sure I don't forget anything. Am really sorry once again that I wont be able to call you and wont be able to meet you before my departure but I believe in deepest of my heart, that it wont be a problem if really we are meant be together because I'll really want to meet you in person and let see what the relationship brings and also I am every concern about the growth of this relationship we're starting and I believe, this is going to be for our happiness.

I made some researches and found out that there is internet access over there in SA so I believe communication isn't gonna to be a barrier to the progress of you and I getting to be together because I'll be going with my laptop and once I get it hooked with the internet, then I'd be able to read your emails and reply back. I'll provide you with a phone number once get there and I'll also give u call as well. Don't hesitate to give me your number as well

Once again it nice to hear from you and I'll get you updated with everything going on with me over there once I reach and I'll also put you in prayer as I pray for myself, though it may take about 12hrs or more to get to SA, I don't know the exact timing but I know it wont be long till I reply you back. Looking forward to hearing from u really soon.
Your girl


More from Michelle.

How're you today honey, I hope splendid,yu showed care and interest in me and I know when am done here ,I will finally meet you in person and we can have a proper date and everything been equal we could be together for life.

I got to WA today after a short stop over at London; I arrived at about 10AM today which from calculation is about 3 or 4 AM normal US timing. When I and my manager got to the airport, I met other women from other part of the world that came for the same show, then we finally lodge at one place, we were all moved to a certain state called Johannesburg Central and we're in the city of Johannessburg, Gauteng Region, though a very nice city and nice place but what wondered me most was the way black people all over the place were looking at us when we alighted from the official bus that conveyed us. We're given nice treatment and we're taken to our various Lodging rooms. Later about 1pm WA time, we're all gathered in a hall for short introduction and orientations, we're allowed to get to meet each other, so I met many other ladies from other part of the world,intresting moment, they also came for the same show by different managers as well.

Later after a short welcome party, I moved to my hotel room, it a 4 star hotel called HOTEL ROYALE and am in room 26A, it is a nice hotel and comfortable with internet access, air condition, bathroom and tub and with Dstv 24 hrs and I got my laptop hooked to the internet facility at the hotel with the help of the hotel assistant and am sending you this email right from my hotel room and it is 2:10 pm here. This is the phone number allocated to me +2348028541887; you can reach any time you want except when I have gone for shows. Well my first show starts tomorrow and I gat to go fix something up right now because soon it gets late over here, I'd like to hear from u again real soon and I'll be looking forward to receiving your call so that I don’t get to miss u too much LOL and when am gat free time I'd holler at u as well,
Your sweetie


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I wanna know if you're gonna be real and honest to me
yeah babe. Just like you are with me. :) Meanwhile, the Michelle saga continues.

Honey, sorry I have not replied Ur email all this while, well I had a nice weekend and I hope u did too. Today been a Sunday I've been in church all thru, we had a wonderful service here and I like the way the pastor preached about JESUS and I was amazed that his my savoir and creator. The name of the church I attended was CHRIST EMBASSY AKA BELEIVERS LOVE WORLD.
Honey i just want to let you know am already missing you and I do wish am done so that we could meet real soon. well just to let u know that I have Monday till Wednesday to conclude my show, and by Saturday at max ,I should be back in the states so we could finally meet and I want to let u know am serious about settling down when am back home.

I would try calling you and I wish u could call me as well. Honey I would give u updates on what's going on with me over here but for now all is working as planed. I would write you more when I hear from you and knowing this on your mind that i always think about you and distance won't be a barrier for us to be together. I composed this poem for u honey and I do hope u will enjoy it
Honey, I took time to compose this for you alone, hope you're gonna like it babe, just trying to make u smile babe, I miss u

Standing in the moonlight
it takes two
Feeling without touching
Passion in waiting
Knowing what it takes
Wanting, needing
and not even knowing
Believing, trusting
taking a chance
Words that penetrate your soul
Words that find your
deepest need
and fill it
Watching and seeing
Looking and being noticed
Finally able
to be me
Learning who I am
Wondering what could be
Finally understanding
passionate love
Not knowing where to start
Feeling alive
Trembling, tasting
feeling, touching
Being built up
and not torn down
Having so much more to give
Wanting to discover
what could be
Hours rushing by
Feels like seconds
Willing to give
scared to give more
You came rushing back to me
in my dreams last night.
It's been a while since I've
felt your touch-
heard your voice--
saw your smile
You came rushing back to me
in my dreams last night
I thought it was real
I thought it was you
holding onto me so tight
You came rushing back to me
in my dreams last night
Please don't wake me
I'm finally alive again
I need you-- don't go
you feel so real
you feel so right
oh baby it's got to be true
cause in my dreams
I'm rushing back to you
Please don't wake me!
In my dreams I am alive again.
I feel your touch
I hear your voice
I taste your smile
It's seems so right
It feels so real
It's go to be true!
because in my dreams
I rushing back to you.
Waiting in anticipation for your reply


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Michelle, you are most welcome to Africa, a continent where for some reason black people tend to be all over the place.


Uh...ummm...Yes, she is cute...one this pretty can't be doing anything bad can she?? Please tell me it ain't so! Bummer, well if she get's dinged she'll have lots of friends in prison! If that is really her of course...sigh...Ted.


Can I just say here that as a disappointed lover of "Brandi" I appreciate Michelle.

Darling just want to let you know that I marveled when I read your reply today and I was so happy u wrote me honey after a hectic show, reading your email was a relief. I understand if you tried calling me, but wont get thru, I must tell you am also sorry I couldn't call u as well because I was very busy with today been the first day of my Fashion,[Removable option] but I would try calling u tomorrow when am done with my show and i do hope I would get thru and u will be there to answer the phone honey.

Honey I just wanna let you know I had a wonderful show today and from the look of thing I'm coming out to be one of the best, I can feel that and it attracts some sum of money apart from the initial amount i signed. I just pray all my effort won't be in vain.

I would give you update on what is happening with me over here and I hope you're doing excellently well in your work and daily activities as well. I composed another poem in my leisure time thinking about you and to make you know how much I care about you and I do hope you are gonna love this babe.

Hey, Honey ... I miss you. I'm just here thinking about you, like I always do. I hope you're as happy as me; the week is almost here concluding again. The thought of you in my arms right now sounds so good to me. I just want you to know how much I love you.

Ever since the first time I dreamt I heard your voice on phone, though it was just a dream, I heard you on the phone and heard your cute voice, I miss you every second of my life. I knew I found someone special. I will always remember how sweet you are and how every time my phone rang and I heard your sweet voice I would smile and I was happy from that point on only for me to realize it was only a dream

It's the end of the day and I was thinking about you, as usual. I want you to know how much I sincerely love the times we've spent emailing each other. It means so much to me. It truly seems like I've known you forever and I honestly can't imagine life without you now. There will be no looking back, no second thoughts and no regrets. I want you and need only you and that love will only grow stronger. Do not be scared my love. Sometimes life hits us with unexpected things that take us totally by surprise.

All I can say is you're the best surprise life has given me and your capacity for love, caring, and understanding never ceases to amaze me. I've truly been blessed by finding you and I'll never let you go even if I have to live all my life with you in the States
Your darling,
It's another great day honey today been the second day of my show, though it was a little hectier than yesterday but I'm happy after all that the good lord has been able to see me thru right from the first show to this stage is where contestant are been screened and those who are gonna participate in the last stage are been chosen and I'm happy right now that i was part of the elected, twelve of us were screened today to reduce us to the total amount of ten i was considered part of the elected ten.

I'm looking forward to going to the last show tomorrow and I know my the grace of God am gonna be out of the best, I just got home now to check my email as usual to see if you have written something down waiting for me to read and am so happy you never disappoint me, thanks for you concern and care towards knew never you would stay till now even though we have not meet and yet you still write me sweet and marvelous emails.

Honey I want to really know what are your plans towards me because tomorrow I'm gonna be thru with my contract over here and in two days after the whole thing I just leave SA, I'm so tired and I need some rest because later on i need to practice with the costume am gonna wear tomorrow and practice on the cats walks and tryna memorize some recitation I would be presenting also and practice on how am gonna be answering some question I'll be asked regarding the attire I model with and what they are made up with, when why I should wear and talk a little on what I think about the designer. I've a lot to do tomorrow honey so my email is kinda short and I promise I'll send you emails immediately I get back from the shot arena and pray for me to come out in my best.

I love you honey and no doubts about that and I will always pray that nothing changes your mind about me and meeting you will be a dream come true for me, tomorrow I will get some pictures from the previous shots and I will send it to u immediately I get them I hope you will like them, I gat to run now and I will be looking forward to receiving you email and soon this mailing thing will stop and seeing you, holding you, talking with you is gonna be the thing i will because we are gonna see in person, you might be surprised about my strong feelings towards you, just understand that what is meant to be will surely be any how, I'm thinking on composing another poem that I wanna send to you and when am done doing that I'll send along in my next mail to you.

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In a story called "Last Show"

Hello honey how are you doing 2day, I hope great, hope all things are working well for u because all things worked for the good of those that loves God and thing wont smooth for me today. I had a hectic day been the concluding day of my show and contract here in SA, I am happy we had a nice and successful show. I just want to inform you I got the 3rd runner up position and I am happy also though painful. The first position was given to an Ethiopian lady, first runner up to an Indian lady, second runner up to a Cuban lady and third runner up to me an American.

We had all day at the show center 2day, many gifts and awards were given to every one and I got the award for the third runner up place. I am so happy that finally I have successfully concluded the contract I came for and hopefully I should be leaving South Africa unfailingly in two days time and we can get to meet each other real soon. I have been thinking a lot about you babe and I know and hope you are doing same there too. I really care about you babe and I know that we would be happy meeting each other. Sorry I was not able to call but now that am thru with my show I'd have the time to call u babe but if I don't plz understands.

I don't know what else to say honey, but am really happy I contacted you because I never knew I could get a real person on a dating site until you replied me. Once again am deeply in love with you already and I hope things work out for the both of us. Distance may keep us a little part but you are always on my mind honey.
Meeting u is Knowing u
Knowing u needing u
Needing u is wanting u
Wanting u is Liking u
Liking u is loving u
Loving u is Loving Heaven because Heaven is in your eyes.........You won't regret knowing me honey. Talk to you 2morrow and would also love to chat with you if you can. What's your chat IM?
You're Lover Gurl
The story continues.

Honey how are you doing, I hope great.i just wanna let you know I have concluded my show and I will be returning back to States tomorrow,i'm just waiting to get the pay check from my manager which am gonna cash when I get to the states and also the Bonus payment i got for wonderful performance. I really had a wonderful time over here and am so glad that I will be returning back home to settled down and to be with you hopefully.

I must appreciate the fact that you were there with me while I was away to SA even if we haven't met in person and I believe meeting you now is gonna be a dream come true for me and I know we will be happy to be with each other because you happen to be the kind of man I have been praying all my life to be with.

Honey I really care about you and I still want to know if you are really serious about me. Hope to hear from youu real soon and to know how you feell right now, love you with the whole of my heart. I will email you again when I get up from my nap because i need a nap right now and am also sorry I have not been able to call you, well see to doing that babe.

Your sweetheart
Da bomb

No more pictures but this is just when the story starts to get interesting!

Hello Honey how are you doing, I hope everything is working out in your favor, i feel so sad right now but I want to be a little happier that is why I wrote, You cant believe what is happening to me over here, at about 12 noon today I was waiting for my manager to pay me my money for the contract just concluded.

When I called my manager, he said he will be coming to meet me in my hotel room and we could get prepared for flight which was suppose to be about 7pm today and to give me my pay check. When he came to my hotel room, you cant imagine what my manager did to me, he came into my hotel room with some African men and wanted me to have sex with them so that it can be put on video cam, he wanna do that just because those men paid him some huge amount of money just to have sex with me haven seen me performed on stage. I refused them all and cried for help because we didn’t bargain such more so am God fearing and doing such a awful thing looks sinful to me and self disrespecting, when people came to my rescue, my manager ran away and those men were stopped of their evil deeds but my manager escaped before the police men came.

Later in the day, the police traced my manager to see if they could get him and ask him the reason for such act, when they got to where he lodge, they found out that my manager has left, leaving a note that he has gone to Dubai and the saddest of all is that he has traveled with all my documents, BTA( Basic Traveling Allowance ) and my return ticket and got me stucked all alone here in my hotel room, he even said in the note that I should look for a way to get back to US and he is not gonna do anything about me getting back to the states because he has collected money from those men and he is not gonna return the money just because I refuse to do what he asked me to .When I tried all I could do to know if I will be able to make the flight back to the united state today, I was directed to the American Embassy over here in South Africa. When I got there, I explained all my escaped to the Americans there to see if I could get help back home, I was made to understand that they would help me out.

They promised to help me out with the return ticket but only if I pay some sum of legal fees amounting hundreds of Dollars for the processing of my lost documents which I don’t have the cash to pay for it right now because the bastard paid me in a check which is not cashable over here in South Africa. I would only cash the checks until I get to the US. Right now am messed up and I don’t know what I am going to do because only if I get the this fee, that is when I would get all the lost documents so that I would have a return ticket home, I wish I could do something, am stucked right now thinking because there is no body I could call back home to help me out and my get money out from my bank because I secured my bank account when i was leaving and that is what I do when I want to have such trip away from the US, if I don’t tender my document of release of fund I wont be able to get money out because i have beaten once. Am so sad right now, don’t know what am gonna do. Am thinking right now babe on how am going to pay for the fee and I will get back to you real soon. I am just very sad right now. I will email u back babe, I am sorry all this is happening babe, cant stop thinking about u babe.

Hope to hear from u real soon honey, I will get back to you babe, help is all I need right now to solve this issue. Missing u honey, am just in a big mess right now honey.
Yours Darling
Somehow I keep forgetting about Michelle. This is the next letter. I guess the little "incident" hasn't had any impact on her work. Maybe she's umm....working in the hotel, ya know...

Hello honey, how is u doing 2day I hope great, as for me I doing great. I want to let u know that I had a great show 2day and it was fantastic, wish u were where to see me perform on stage, I did my part and best and I know I will move to the last stage of this contest which is going to last for just some few days.

I had a great nap when I finished from my show 2day, got up to see if u sent me a reply and am happy to read ur letter, I have ur phone number babe and I will find time to give u a call when I gat free time and u can also call me honey coz u gat my number.

I just want to let u know that I have created a space for u in my heart, I thought I wont give a room to any man again after the last heart break but am happy I find u and am beginning to develop great interest in u coz my heart tells me u are the kind of man I have been waiting to be with all my life and ma glad I finally found u.

I can’t stop thinking about how our first visit will be but i know soon we will be together and see in reality. I will stop for now babe till I hear from u again, I want to take rest now and prepare for 2morrow's show and i will sure email u when am tru.Looking forward to hearing from u real soon

Yours sweetie
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Hello babe, I cant see that it difficult for you to trust me on sending me money because am stucked in Africa and more so because of the bad experience you have heard in the past but not everybody is same ok,that is shameful even though u have heard expirences,i mean bad experiences about Africa that doesn’t mean everyone u see in here are same ok,it so hurts me that u don’t have faith me and when i come back to the states I will never forget about all this issues.

I wanna ask of you a favor if u would be willing to help me out, since u don’t wanna help me out with your money, I would love to send you USPS MONEY ORDERS(united states postal money orders) of 850 dollars each and I would be sending you 3 pieces to sum total 2550 dollars so that you can help me get this cashed immediately u get them and when you do u can send me back the money thru money gram so that I can settle all the bills i owe in here and sort myself of the BTA FEE and all necessary documents i need to leave the states because the longer i stay in here, the more the bills.

If you are will to do this favor for me, I would love you to send me your address where u can received parcel’s, and this should include YOUR FULL
NAMES,ADDRESS,PHONE NUMBER so that i can send the money orders via mail so that you can recieve this when u do cash for me and send me the money via money gram with the information i would provide you,hope u can help with this honey and if u can just wanan know if u can send me a 100 dollars to i can use that for the courier service so that you get the package in 3 days time

Hope to hear from you real urgent

Bye for now