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From Central Bank of London
Miguel Fernandez.
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This is to confirm to you that you made a winning in the 3rd category which made you a winner of two million eight hundred and fifty thousand united states dollars ($2,850,000.00).


We have two options whereby you can claim your winning money,

Firstly, you will have to come to our office here in London to sign the papers that will authorize our bank to release your winning to you.In this option you will not make any payment because you will be here yourself to handle the process.

Secondly, is whereby you cannot come to Madrid then you have to pay for the services of Diplomatic Agent and Authorization of European Union Government and delivery of your winning to your home address,which will require you to pay some charges to the Diplomat that will come here in London and pick up your $2.850 M check and come to your place in Australia to make the delivery and when he arrives you must present your identification either Drivers License or International Passport before the diplomat will hand over the Check to you because it is Certified Check that can confirm in any bank also he can follow you to your Bank to make sure that everything goes well by making sure that you confirm the Winning in your Bank account before he return

Moreover,if you decide to come here to sign all the documents and pick up your Winning then you do not need to pay any Cent because you are not suppose to pay money to receive money but if you decide not to come then you have to pay the diplomat because he will need to Insure the $2.850 M Check because it is huge amount of money and he will also need Diplomatic Landing Pass so that once he arrive Australia he will not be interrogate by the Authorities because of the huge amount of money in the Certified Check

Finally,you must keep everything concern the Winning Confidential to avoid double claim because now that you have contacted us that your Winning is now open so and for the safety of the Diplomat that will come to your place you have to keep everything confidential till you confirm the winning in your hand

I look forward to hear from you

Miguel Fernandez

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