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Hello, I posted a transport logging truck for sale on some free sites. Ive gotten some really obvious scam emails but this one im not sure. Sounds like a scam, but I wanted to make sure before i send any of my info out, if its legit or not.


Your 2002 mack log truck‏
From: Alexandar Petrov (drapetrov1@hotmail.com)
You may not know this sender.Mark as safe|Mark as unsafe
Sent: March 8, 2008

Hello *ME*,
I am interested in buying your 2002 mack RB688S log truck.
Let me know its present condition (pics if possible) and the last price for it.
I await your response.
Alexandar Petrov
SO, I mail him some pics and info about the truck he replies:
I am in receipt of your email and the pictures of the truck.
It is ok.
How much is your last price.
Get back to me as soon as possible.
Have a nice day.

So I tell him a price and he replies asking a lot of questions:
Thank you for the mail.I will like to ask some basic questions and will appreciate if you answer sincerely
who exactly is the owner?
How long have you owned it?
How many owners before you?
How often is it maintained?
When was the last maintenance carried out?
Why are you selling?
What is your last Price?

I will be glad if you could provide me with any more information.

Thank you.
So, I answer the questions and ask"I have a question for you. Where do you live? Are you serious about buying a truck like this? Sorry for asking but we have encountered some scams and cons by putting the truck up for sale on the internet."

and then i get this WEIRD email
Make contact with the senior agent‏
From: Alexandar Petrov (drapetrov1@hotmail.com)
Sent: March 31, 2008


Thanks for your reply and assistance so far.

I live in Alberta,and we are very serious in purchasing the truck

The company has agreed to buy the truck, My superior agent has specifically told me that he will not want to be disappointed due to the fact that you might sell to somebody else because he really wants this property to be bought by our company.

He has also informed that you will contact him directly so he will collect the details he needs from you to be able to have the payment made to you as soon as possible.

You are therefore required to provide your BUSINESS ACCOUNT OR COMPANY ACCOUNT ( as it better to receive more money at one time) so that the funds can be wired to you.

Please contact the Senior agent immediately so he will direct you on what to provide for the payment to be made to you, below are his details;

-Name: Mike Harris

-Email: [mikeharris1112@yahoo.es]

All you need do is inform him that i directed you and that he should give the modalities on how to make payment to you.

Let me know a soon as you have written him cos i will need to inform him from here as well.

Thanks for everything.



and these ones to follow:

Confirm details‏
From: Mike Harris (mikeharris1112@yahoo.es)
Sent: April 1, 2008
Reply-to: [mikeharris1112@yahoo.es]


I am writing in respect of the property my company is supposed to buy from you, i am the one to organise your payment and a cheque will be sent to you and in respect to this, i will need the below details;

-Full name: (as it appears on your ID)
-Residential/Postal address:
-Personal phone number(s):

I will also need the below bank details;

-Bank name:
-bank address:
-Account name: ( this is important as i need to know in whose or what name to make out the cheque, a company account is preferable as the company will be able to send more money at a time)
-I will also want you to re-confirm the price of the property).

I will send further information as soon as i receive the above details.

On the documentaion aspect, the company agent will bring along all the details to you when the Property has been paid for.


I have read your mail and i will inform you that i am a senior agent at Aspen finance and we are located at 9732 - 100 Avenue, Westlock - Alberta -

Currently i am in Europe now and that is the reason for the Yahoo.es i have eben writing you with.

I can be reached on phone at any time with the below number;


My company has agents all over the world and one will be assigned to come over for the pick up of the truck as soon as payment has been made to you so there is nothing to worry about here.

You can ask your Father to call me directly and please ask him to indicate that he is Niki's Dad when he calls so i will know he is the one calling, what is his name??

I will to assure that you are well proteced here as well as your Father so you have nothing to worry about.

Send the details i asked of you so we can proceed.


We have been contacted by numerous people with fraudulent intentions, and scams are running rampant, I need some information from you, as this email seems very strange. What is the name of your company? Where are you located? How would you like to arrange the pick up of the truck/shipment of the truck? I will also need phone numbers from you, just so my father can contact all of you. He does not use email, and prefers to do all is business transactions on the phone. One last question, why do you have an email from a spanish account (@yahoo.es). We will be happpy to do business with you as soon as we feel protected. thank you.


So does anyone have any idea what all of this is?? I havnt given him any information(banking etc) yet because I dont know how to take these emails. Does anyone know anything about these people??

Thanks so much
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Looks like a fake check scam. That's a lot of the questions they ask. Their responses often seem kinda vague and these are. Also, as you noted this guy is using yahoo.es. What is with that? Only scammers do that. Why doesn't he just use yahoo.com if he's an English speaker.

The involvement of Aspen Finance suggests a possible scam company and they're asking for too much banking information.

The phone number +44-70.....is a phone redirect service from the UK. It's a follow-me phone and it could ring anywhere in the world. If the guy is in Canada why does he need a UK phone? Only scammers do that.

I'd say the best thing is to just drop this guy and bounce his emails back to him. Sounds like a scam developing. This Petrov guy doesn't want to buy anything but he does probably want to send you a fake check.


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What a world...

Thanks for the info. Thats what I thought might be going on..i looked up the address he gave me and its not Aspen Finance, its a construction company called *semi-humerously* Val--*CON*--..so i thought i would scam the scammer and wrote him back the following...

Westlock alberta? what a strange coincidence. I moved from there about 1.5 years ago. is Aspen Finance new? I always remember a construction company being at that address. VeyCon or something..Maybe its moved. I should get my Uncle to go down to your shop, it could speed things up having him pick up a cheque! What do you think??

I await his responce...lol