Mike Magaya fined

No it will never work. Although the fine seems small it will hurt. Needless to say such claims are common in Africa, so ignore them. They are just the old style spellcasters and witchdoctors who only want money off you .
"A court in Zimbabwe has convicted a popular self-styled prophet of fraud and fined him $700 (£540) for falsely claiming he had a herbal cure for HIV and Aids.

Walter Magaya earlier pleaded guilty to contravening the Medicines Control Act by selling an unapproved drug.

Police arrested him in November, and seized a herbal drug which he said could cure people who had HIV and Aids.

Zimbabwe has the sixth highest HIV prevalence rate in sub-Saharan Africa.

About 1.3 million people were living with HIV, according to UN data compiled in 2016. The 35-year-old Magaya is among a group of young, brash and flashy religious figures who have emerged during Zimbabwe's economic crisis, attracting a huge number of followers with promises of miracle healing and miracle money, says the BBC's Shingai Nyoka in the capital, Harare. "

net defib4braindead

you do persevere to smear everyone your very tiny brain can conjure up. oh? anything to make your site look authentic...is it not....there is no spellcasting, although some bad luck joujou is headed your way and your family, the Ayo Montana perspective is about staying alive till the cure is official, however, who are you to understand the process....? why would the world wait for you to understand before we move on....? I am so sorry about how you will end up anyways, the souls of the young people we are trying to save NEVER rest in peace....It is certain they will find you and do justice to your somnolence hehehehe. Again, nobody is giving you a dime to get delisted or forking over hard earned money to please your horrid imagination. You can flipflap all you like, eventually a fish out of water will choke to death and either be filleted, roasted, baked, canned, basted in cheese, boiled for pepper soup, barbequed, or ground to increase the protein of poultry meal, OR OTHER FISH FEEDS. You have no idea how long surveillance has been on your activities, do you know...?