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Reply-To: om5562314@gmail.com
Date: Wed, 09 Dec 2020
Subject: Attention Beneficiary: contact, centralcourierslimited@deliveryman.com
From: om5562314@gmail.com

Address: 758 Calle Plano, Camarillo,
CA 93012, United States

Attention Beneficiary: contact, centralcourierslimited@deliveryman.com

We are writing this email to you and you should please respond to this email very urgently. We have perfected modalities on how to Deliver this fund to your house without any problem, but be aware that Bank of America (BOA) and the government of USA has only authorized us the release of $10,500,000.00 in cash. The Agent from the US Embassy will depart on Thursday 10th December 2020 to Your State. Your urgent response to this email will facilitate the delivery, the Agent must leave Thursday 10th December 2020 as I have stated above but that can be done if we can have the following information Below.

Your Name in Full
Direct Phone Number
Your identification

Once your information is received it will enhance the smooth delivery of the fund Why the phone number and your home address are the most important information required that is to enable the Agent to call you on arrival to your State. Every arrangement is in top gear and only you will make this a realty. Let us have the information above with alacrity(mikemcBain@fastservice.com) Note the fund will be brought to your house without Any Tardy.

Mike McBain.
CEO at Central Courier Service Limited