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Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2018

My name is Awa, I want to meet you. Reply me so that i can tell you why I want to meet you, introduce myself fully to you and send you my pictures to know me better. Thanks, Miss Awa.
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Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2018
Subject: Re: Hi

I want to meet with you and will also appreciate your help for me to get what belongs to me‏‏‏‏

I'm happy to get your reply. I promise you right now saying that this communication will later be a testimony in our life. Please read my message very well.

I want to let you know everything about me Because I have faith it was God's will that lead me to see your contact on Google.com and find love in it when i was searching for a lost contact in your country.

My name is Miss Awa Jobeteh, I am the only child of late Mr/Mrs Haddy Alhaji Modou Jobeteh a gold dealer and farmer from Nimba County in the Republic of Liberia. West Africa. I am 23 years of age, a second year law student of University of The Gambia before the death of my late Father and Mother by the Ebola disease that broke out in my country Liberia in 2014, I thank God that i was in Gambia schooling during the Ebola disease.

At the peak of the out break, my father withdrew all his money Eight Million Seven Hundred Thousand U S Dollars ($8.7 Million) stacked in a Save Box came to the Gambia and deposited it with a Gambia Security Vault Service Company for safe-keeping with intention of withdrawing it the next year. My father Deposited the box as just valuable family documents with my name as next of kin and beneficiary as his only child. After keeping the box he hurriedly went back to Liberia to get my Mother and some of his brothers, but before he got to Liberia my mother have contacted the Ebola disease and was kept in a guaranty, he visited the guaranty home to see my mother and was waiting for my mother to be OK from the Ebola so that both of them can come to the Gambia but unfortunately my mother didn't make it alive. After the burial of my mother my father contacted the same Ebola and died of it.

Tears do come down my face each time i remember the Ebola that took away my family when i least expected, and expose me to struggle for survival in life, i have learn to accept and face challenges as i also believe it is almighty God testing my willpower. I am alive giving account of my life experiences saying glory be to God who made it possible that i was in Gambia studying during this period of Ebola in Liberia. Before my father left to Liberia to get my mother, he gave me the documents of deposit of the save box he kept in the security vault service company, Since i was unable to continue paying my school fees and accommodation, the school authority transferred me to UNHCR Refugee Camp in Basse were i am writing you this mail. Since then i kept this issue secret as i have not seen any body around here i can trust. But this time I Decided to alert the security vault company to see if i can have the box released to me as things are getting difficult for me here by each day. I have Communicated with the security vault company and was searching for a sincere person to help me retrieve this box from the security vault since it will be difficult for me being a refugee to do that.

The security vault company asked me to appoint a representative on my behalf as my TRUSTEE to stand and receive this box on my behalf, As it has been my life desire to come to your country to study when i saw your contact I developed trust and confidence with you. I believe my seeing your contact was not a coincidence but divine intervention from Almighty God, i believe you will care for me, love and stand by me even after receiving this box that contains money on my behalf, it is my desire to come and meet you as soon as the Money is transferred over to you.

Please I want you to help me transfer this money to your country, and you help me come there to complete my university education with part of this money when transferred to you while you help me invest the rest in good profitable investment over there.

Please dear, I plead to you to help make life beautiful for me again through your help like my late father have always done for me during his lifetime. I always pray for the departed souls of my family and relatives to rest in the bosom of The Lord.

I Will give you the contact information of the Security Vault Service Company, and tell you how to contact them when i get your reply.

Please Dear I want you to tell me about yourself for me to know you. IS IMPORTANT.

Dear, this is a Gambia telephone Number to call me 002207487388 (+220-6270723). It is the number of the camp supervisor who is in charge of the camp here, as you call, tell him you want to speak with Miss Awa Jobeteh, the Liberia girl in Block .B . in the camp. His name is Dr. Wally Seck. I am expecting your call immediately you read this mail. I attach here my pictures for you, and i request you send me yours and tell me more about yourself.

Best Regards,
Miss Awa Jobeteh.