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2011/8/25 Miss Chantal Achi <miss.chantalachi1@rediffmail.com>

Dear Friend

It is my pleasure to contact you for a business venture which I intend to establish in your country. Though I have not meet with you before but I believe one has to risk confidence to succeed sometimes in life. There is this amount of Five million Five Hundred Thousands U.S dollars ($5,500,000.00) which my late Father kept with a Fiduciary Fund Holder in Abidjan before his death.

Now, I have decided to invest this money in your country or anywhere safe enough outside Africa for security and political reasons. I want you to assist me claim and retrieve this fund from the Fiduciary Fund Holders and transfer it
into your personal account in your country for investment purposes on these areas:

1). Telecommunication
2). the transport industry
3). Five star hotel

If you can be of any assistance to me I will be pleased to offer to you 10% of the total fund.

I await your soonest response.

Respectfully yours,
Miss Chantal Achi.

Return-Path: <achi4004@live.com>
Received: from, Cote d'Ivoire, Avisonet
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Return-Path: [achi4004@live.com]
From: Miss Chantal Achi <achi4004@live.com>
Subject: My Dearest One,
Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2011

My Dearest One,

I received your mail and I thank you so much for your prompt response to my proposal. I will like to further explain to you better about my proposal.

I must start from introducing myself once again , I am Achi Chantal , a 24 years old girl from Ivory Coast West Africa I am very happy to come across your contact details and I am contacting you with the believe that you will not disappoint me in any way.

Firstly I want you to understand that this transaction is operating legal and it is 100% risk free, this fund is legally acquired by my late father through sales of cocoa and Agro chemicals and this fund must be invested in legitimate ventures, for this reasons I have decided to disclose to you some important documents confirming the origin and source of the fund including my late father's (WILL) on my behalf.

I will send you those documents as soon as I hear from you so that you will go through it to confirm the origin and source of the fund so that you will confirm the legality and authenticity of this project.Please this is a very important and confidential documents please try to keep them very safe AND CONFIDENTIAL as soon as you received it.

I am ready to relocate out of this country immediately to your country for the investement of the fund, this is because of the threat I always receive from my step mother because she wanted to kill me as the only child so that she can have full access to the fund.

This money I inherited it from my late father and the fund was deposited in the bank here with the name of my later father as the depositor while my name stand as the next of kin. I have all the deposit documents intact with me.

Why I contacted you as a foreigner was that I was advised and seriously warned not to disclose anything about this deposit to any person here including my late father's relatives, I was advised that my life will be in danger if I do disclose it to any person here because they will like to kill me to enable them have full access to the fund.

I was strongly advised to look for a foreign partner / guardian who will assist me to receive the fund there for my investment purposes while I relocate there to continue my studies. That is why I came across your profile after a very careful search and through prayers I was convinced and decided to select you among others as the right person to handle this project with me without any disappointment.

I wish to further explain to you on the way we have to go about this project, I want to transfer the fund out of this country on your care, after which I shall travel out of this country immediately to meet with you in your base so that I can continue my education, then you will assist me to invest the money in a lucrative businesses because as a student I don't know much in business field and that was why I have contacted you to assist me or you can introduce or appoint another closer capable and trusthworthy relation of yours for assistance.

I also want to inform you that every needed arrangement for the smooth transfer of the fund out of this country has been made, I have had a meeting with the general manager of the bank where the fund was deposited, I had a meeting with him on how this fund will be released and transferred out of this country for my investment purposes,

He promised that everything will be handling and concluded legally and satisfactorily as soon as I have concluded with my foreign partner.

The bank manager also requested that he want to hear from my foreign partner to confirm this arrangement and to enable him explain to him/her better on how this transaction will be handled.

Now to enable us start working towards this transaction without further delay, I want you to confirm to me the following information.

1. If the 10% which I have decided to offer you for your assistance is acceptable by you so as to avoid any argument when the fund arrived to your account,

2. Your direct and private telephone number for smooth and safe communication.

3.If you will maintain the confidentiality of this transaction

4. Your full name and current home or office address.

5. Before the fund will be transferred to your account we have to go into an official trust agreement which will be signed by both of us before the transfer so to make sure that the interest of both of us are protected.

Meanwhile, this is my own personal contact details, Home address Ave 01 Bp 2366 Abidjan Port Bouet my contact telephone number is +225-66227989. My religion I am a Catholic I worship at St Paul's Cathedral Plateau Abidjan, I also will attached copy of my pictures including my national identity card for proper identification.

As soon as I hear from you with the reconfirmation of the above information I will forward to you the full contact information of the bank where the fund was deposited to enable you contact the bank for the immediate transfer processing.then I will also as soon as I hear from you make an urgent arrangement with a capable attorned who will process the trust agreement which both of us will sign before the transfer.

The 10% of the total fund which I have decided to offer is willingly, I am offering the fund to make sure that you will happily work with me and to enable you give every support and directives from the buttom of your heart and to the best of your knowledge and ability. and to remove your interest from my balance. that was my late father's advice.

I am eagerly waiting to hear from you so that we will proceed, meanwhile please feel free to ask any question incase if you where confused elsewhere, and do not forget to keep this transaction extra ordinary confidential because thif fund is my life and the only hope of my survival.I will attached a copy of my id.

Thanks for your understanding.

Hope to join you soonest.

Remain Blessed.
Faithfully Chantal.