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Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2018
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Good Day Special One,
I am the daughter of late BENJAMIN FAITH from Côte d'Ivoire, My late father was a wealthy international businessman, he was dealing with Cocoa and Timber before his death. I lost my mother when i was 3 years old. i do not know my mother except only on photos she is from Canada. I am the only daughter of my parents, i need your help to receive my inheritance fund USD$ 3.7 million which my late father deposited in one of the bank here but registered for foreign investment since the year 2015 before his death in 7th Jun 2016.

I have all the documents that cover the fund in the bank and i am the next of kin to the deposit funds in the bank. Dear, I am willing to give you 30% of the total sum amount for your assistance as soon as to receive this fund in your account and help me to relocate and settle peaceful in your country which you will help me with your experience to invest the less of the money in any profitable projects investments in your country and manage and supervise the projects while i continue my education in your country once this fund arrives to your country under your care.

I have 3 programms in mind, (1) AGRICULTURE (2) INDUSTRY (3) REAL ESTATE. But my dream is to find a genuine real well experienced business person who knows the business very well and economic based found in the country. Personally" I would be happy if you give me a little better option, that is more profitable and with less risk that i can choose from. As soon as i receive your positive response and your full detail to know you more better and to be sure that you are a real genuine person i will now have the confidence to order the bank on how to make the transfer into your account. I would like to know your full names,age,marital status,occupation,years of experience,private email and your direct mobile line so that we can also talk on the phone. Soon as i hear from you then i will give you all the details.

I am waiting for your positive response.

Your respectful,
Miss Chiamanda Faith.