Miss Eugénie David Savo, Libya


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Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2018
Subject: Please keep this in mind

Hello my dear
I think you and the whole family are fine ?

My dear, I know this letter will come to you amazingly, we've never met before, or had a previous transaction.Nevertheless, I have contacted you in good faith and with real intentions because I believe that your partnership will help me through this transaction, of course that will be rewarding for both of us.

I am the only daughter of the late Dr. Dawoud David SAVO. My late father was the Libyan Minister of defense from 2011 to July 2012, when he was assassinated along with other high-ranking military officers by the armed opposition forces during the country's civil war. From 2009 to 2011, my father was Chief of the Libyan armed staff. A month after my father's assassination my uncles called for a family meeting in our house, and the same armed oppositions attacked our house again, killing my mother and burning our house with other of my parents in the house.I am the only member of the family living now because I was not at home that day, so I made a success of my life with the help of representatives of the UNHCR from Mali and Benin, they brought me to the Catholic Church,Sacré Coeur ( Benin ).

Today, I suffer from life here in Benin. Honestly I have to get out of this hell as soon as possible to have a better life, because since the death of my parents, life has never been easy for me because of moving this church, imagine that one can stay two or three days without eating, we don't even have good water to drink here, it makes me cry, I live in this situation because of the death of my parents. Life also prevents me from having a sleepless night, because I sincerely believe that we can also know each other better and rediscover the sweetness of life, I am a lonely girl but my heart rests, listen I have a reason to hide here in the Sacred Heart Church (Catholic) here in Benin because my uncles prolonged always looking for me to kill me or make me useless and take my inheritance from my dead father. It will be better for me to suffer now in order to benefit from the inheritance of my late father.

My heart is open to you because I have the conviction that you will help me with all your heart and that you will not betray the gold disappointed me in the future, honestly. My late father was alive, he deposited a certain amount of money in a leading bank in England which he used my name as the closest to the parents and the amount in question is $ 4,500,000 (four million five hundred thousand dollars) in a security company in London which is the main reason why my late uncles are seeking to kill me.

Please bear this in mind, because I want to take advantage of my heritage with you and to better live near your country, those evil uncles lying out, do not want my happiness or my freedom.However I promise to give you more information if you will be faithful and sincere with me.

Here are attached my photos and I will tell you all about me in my next email, Thank you And God bless you, I'm sure waiting to hear from you.

Thank you and have a nice day.
Miss Eugénie DAVID SAVO