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Miss Fabienne Tagro
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Hello Dear,

I am Fabienne Tagro, I am 22 yrs old an Ivoirien national. I solicit that you to assist me to the transfer of the sum of Eleven Million Five Hundred Thousand US Dollars. This fund was a heritage from my late parents who were assassinated during the post electoral crisis in my country. I want you to help me and move this money to your country and also for you to guide me and invest this money on good Project in your country.

Kindly contact me through my private email if you can represent my interest or if there is any lucrative Business in your area of specialization to enable me detail you well about your role in this transaction and how we shall transfer this money. Reply me through my private mail box as stated above. For your assistance, i have set aside 20% of the total sum as your commission.

Sincerely Yours
Fabienne Tagro