Miss Grace Johnson, Côte d'Ivoire


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From, Côte d'Ivoire, Avisonet
Return-Path: <gracejohonson@ymail.com>
Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2012
From: Grace Johonson <gracejohonson@ymail.com>
Subject: I awaiting for your quick response.

Dear guardian,

Good day and many thanks for your quick respond to my message, I received your massage and as well thank you for your interest to help me out.

My present situation is not good and I will be so happy if you help me out to come and start a new life in your country, and I personally promise you that you can never regret helping me and I can never let you down. The most important thing now is for us to trust each other because trust is very important in this matter. I would want you to handle everything just like your own business and keep it highly confidential only between you and me.

Before I proceed I would like to let you know that my proposal was made in good faith and all is 100% legal and risk free and in no way connected with any illegal transaction. Please all I need from you is truthfulness and genuine intention to assist me in this transaction.

Please I want you to know and understand the clear picture of my situation and help me out with all honest and sincere, Please the most important thing now at this stage is for us to build trust and establish a very good relationship for each other and I also want you to understand that this money that I want you to claim and invest for me is the only thing my father left over for me and the only hope I have for my future, Please your honest assistance, understanding and caring is needed.

Please my situation is so bad since I lost my late Father; right now I am hiding in a town called Bia-sud in Abidjan in Cote d’Ivoire that is the place I am contacting you from. There is no way I can register with any school down here or invest this money here to avoid my father's business associates and our relations to know where I am and kill me. They are seriously looking for me to kill me so that I will not revenge what they did to my father and they are also looking for me to collect what my father left before me he died.

I am attaching my personal photo in this mail for you to have confidence that you are dealing with genuine person and I will also like to see your own photo too, I hope I am not asking much? I would be so much appreciated if you can be complying with the instructions that the security company will be giving to you for us to be able to finalize this transaction as soon as possible and get me out of this place to your country so that I can continue my studies and also start a new life.

Since you really want to help me in this transaction I will want you to promise me that you will not sit on the money when it gets to your home or even try to take advantage of my age or my ignorance in Business.

I must need a visa to come over to your country, but I will apply for a visiting visa first to come to meet you in person immediately we conclude this transaction and I am very sure that you will handle this transaction for me and what I only need from you is to be honest with me. As you can see my present condition, I don't need someone to break my heart again.

I also hope and pray that I have find somebody in you and I want you to take me very close like your family, as your daughter, and I pray and hope also that this relationship will be a valuable and remarkable one in future.

Please I am entrusting you and hope that you will not let me down and betray me when the trunk box gets to your home because this fund is my only hope for my future and my life.

For your good information, this transaction is 100% risk free and in no way connected with any illegal transaction and please, I want you to keep this transaction very confidential with you for our security reason. I also need your personal details both full names and contact address.

Please kindly reply my message immediately you received this email for more details, ask any question and as well confirm to me that you receive this massage.

Wishing a very nice day and May God bless you.

With lonely heart,
Miss Grace Johnson