Miss Jamila Usman Mohammad, Iran

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Date: Thu, 10 May 2018
Subject: I seek for your help

Assalamu'alaikum !

How are you today with your health, work and environments, dear ? I hope every thing is ok with you dear, I have carefully gone through your mail and i must confess that it gives me a great joy and happiness while reading your letter dear you are such an open minded person free and honestly i recommend you for this may almighty guide you for me.

My name is Miss Jamila Usman Mohammad, Iranian citizen but presently i reside in a orphanage as a result of the lost of my family during the earth quack that took place in Bam (Iran) i was born and bring up from a good home before the lost of my parent and since then life have talk me a lesson here in orphanage home i am surviving by the grace of almighty feeding from hand to mount no freedom, no hospitality, no good food, no one to take care of me here, i have never married before and i am not into any relations as regards my status here.

My hobbies are reading, watching movies, cooking, seeing people around me been happy, to be with a one man that will love me through the rest of my live, and i am ready to give my life to see you happy i am so shy and inteligent i will be happy to know every thing about you and to be frankly you are my type of person i have been dreaming to meet for my life, please what ever you can do to take me out from this orphanage home before some thing wrong happened to me please my major problem here is hunger, mosquitoes and no good water but more especially hunger i will tell you more about my late fathers fund and the details of were the fund was deposited on my next mail before the death of my father he deposited amount $ 1.2millions dollars

in Standard Chartered Bank London and I have contacted the Bank to transfer the fund to me, but the bank told me that my father gave instruction to the bank before he died that i must get married or present someone who will stand as my Foreign Trustee also helps me Invest this money in a good business before the Bank will release the money to me. I am hereby seeking your assistance for the following

(1) to assist me look for a good business in your country where the fund will be used for an investment according to your good directives.

(2) To make a provision for me to move down to your country for safety, And help me look for a good university in your country where I will complete my studies.

Dear please, if you agree to help me tell me so that i will give you all the bank information and my late father account information i need your immediate response.

Dear i want you to promise me that you will not betray me at the end so that i will tell you about my late father fund were it was deposited so that you will help me to transfer the fund into your account and bring me to be with you in your country to make you happy for ever, to be together as husband and wife, cook dinner for you, wash your clothes and make lovely babies together, i am ready to give my life to see you happy.

jamilausmam@hotmail.com, jamilausmam@yahoo.com