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Date: Fri, 25 May 2018
Subject: Greetings to you
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Greetings to you.

I hope I meet you in a good spirit,my name is Julie Lux,I am 18 years old and the only surviving child of my late parents Mr and Mrs Nelson Lux, I lost my parents and my only kid brother mysteriously on a car accident on their trip to Ivory Coast where my daddy runs his oil firm company which I was so lucky that I was not in the car with them that faithful Friday Morning on the 27th July 2012,their death has cost me so much pains physically and mentally because I was just 13 years old then and ever since I lost them I have been staying with my late father`s brother Mr Edwin Lux who has been treating me like a slave in my own father`s house,ever since I lost my parents I have been serving my uncle as a servant from the first day he packed in to claim all my late father`s investments.

My late father was a well known man in Ghana because of his personality in the business world which his brothers have ended up sharing and misused because of their greediness and lack of education all they wanted was to share the properties which they have succeeded to achieve.

I have been living a sorrowful and lonely life over here since the incident because I was too young as I said before and earlier this year 5th of January I discovered a deposit certificate in my late fathers` abandoned stationary which stated that the certificate proves that my late father made in a deposit in a bank called (BICICI BANK PLC ACCRA GHANA) a deposit worth of (($8.5 MILLION DOLLARS)in Ghana where he was running his oil business on March 2011.

I have gone to the bank to make necessary verification about the existence of the funds and I`m so glad that the bank manager has it positive and existing that is the reason why I am contacting you so that I can introduce you to the bank as my partner so that the (BICICI BANK) will let me have access to my funds because they said that they can not release the money to me until I get someone to back me up as partner just because of my age before they can transfer the funds to any foreign account,I really need to relocate from my Country to have a new life abroad and somehow a new family if you can accept me as your daughter,I will recommend you to the BICICI BANK DIRECTOR as my foreign partner and someone I have chosen as the beneficiary of my funds who I have also chosen to help me secure and invest on my funds when I relocate to your Country.Your suggestions and advise will be highly regarded here.

Finally,I have few questions to ask you please.

(1)What percentage of the total amount in question will be good for you after the fund has completely transfer to your bank account?

(2)Are you completely giving me your trust that you will not deny me my funds after it`s transfer to your bank account because of my age?

(3)Can I really trust you that you are not going to scam me out of my fund?

(4)Are you willing to help me because I don`t have any thing to help my self to get the money release without your full assistant?

Please consider this and let me know your mind as soon as possible,immediately I confirm your willingness I will send to you my picture and the document you need to see okay!

Your`s Sincerely
Miss. Julie Lux