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Subject: Yours faithful. Miss roseline adams smith

I am Miss roseline adams smith,the only child of mr and mrs adams smith of blessed memory and I was born on December 21st 1995 in banjul gambia.We came to reside here in ivory coast due to political problems in gambia. My parents were into precious stone deals and my late father buys from africa and Asia and my late mother joined him in business since then we have been able to make lots of money.

Things took a new twist when i lost my parents to food poisoning on the 10th of july 2012 by a wicked uncle who was jealous of the family business and he controls all the family business and properties now and he denies me of my inheritance but there is a secret monies kept away for me in a trust company which my father put the beneficiary as a foreign partner for my security and that is why i seek your help and i have the documents and details with me.

Now the fund is worth four million eight hundred thousand United States dollars ($4.8m)is currently in a safe vault company and they dont know the content of the box deposited containd the cash because my father registered the content as family valuables and artefacts. I am asking for your asistance as soon as possible because i want to relocate from here to your country for the continuation of my education and to live with you for the onward investment projects.

Note that this investment will be in your name and mine and 20% of this funds will be donated to charity for the sake of my late parent.Also you will own share of the investment as my future partner.

Note that when you accept this offer, and its then I will introduce you to the safe vault company as foreign partner to the safe deposit at the company and make you a signatory.

kindly,reply me with a copy of your identity card if you accept this offer and you must create the infrastructure to meet the Needy and less privileged.

Yours faithful.
Miss roseline adams smith