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From Miss. Sandra Damodar

Dear Friend

You may be surprise to receive this mail since you don’t know me personally, but with due respect, trust and humility, I write to you this proposal. I am Miss. Sandra Damodar the only daughter of late Mr. Ibrahim Damodar Of Darfur Sudan, It is indeed my pleasure to contact you for assistance of a business venture which I intend to establish in your country.

I got your contact while I was doing a private research on the Internet for a reliable foreign partner that will assist me and my family to transfer funds to your personal or private account for investment purpose Though I have not met with you before, but considering the recent political instabilities in my country Darfur Sudan, I believe one has to risk confiding in success sometimes in life.

There is this huge amount of funds (US35 Million.) THIRTY FIVE MILLION UNITED STATE DOLLARS) which my late Father deposited here in a private security company awaiting claim before he was assassinated by unknown persons during this war in Darfur Sudan.

Now I have decided to invest the funds in your country or anywhere safe for security reasons. I have mutually agreed to compensate you with 40% of the total amount if you agree to assist me. Presently, I am in a refugee camp here in south Africa seeking for an asylum, i am too young to be going through all the pains i am passing through here in a refugee camp here, Please you can contact me through this Email: sandradamodar@gmail.com

Now permit me to ask these few questions: -
1. Can you honestly help me as your own daughter?
2. Can I completely trust you?

All I require is your honest & kind co-operation. I will give you further details as soon as you show interest in helping me. Please kindly send your details and direct cell phone number to me as well for easy communication.

Again contact me with this Email: sandradamodar@gmail.com

I wait for your kind consideration to my proposal.

Best Regards,

Hua Mulan

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