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Subject: Hello My Darling

Hello My Darling

My Darling How are you, am Miss Victoria, a Franco-Ivoire.The only Child of the late Dr. Dupont. Abu. N'Guessan, Who was a Former Minister of Mineral Resources in Republic Of Cote'D Ivoire during the of Civil War and recently an Oil Tycoon in Libya and Saudi Arabia.

And one of Shareholder in Al Furat Petroleum Company in Syria (AFPC) the leader in the region in Reservoir Management. Private shareholder in General Petroleum Corporation and Exxon Mobil Petroleum Development (EMPD) based Kurdistan Region of Iraq before his sudden death.

Before the sudden death of my father in a private hospital here in Abidjan, he secretly called me at his bed side, when I sat down to listen to him, he started crying and complained that the world is too wicked because of what is passing through and he also revealed this to me that he has a sum of amount money deposited in Bank at COTE'D IVOIRE for Oil Field investment in Prudhoe Bay Oil Field on Alaska's North Slope,

He also explained to me that it was because of his wealth that he is suffering of the poison he recieved from his business associate suspecting to be my uncles that desperate to inherit his inheritance after years of his suffering.

That l should seek for your assistance as reseasonable foreign partner in your country through the Catalog he bought on his last business trip to your country before his death,he say it's where l will transfer this money under your watch and use it for proper investment purpose through your directive and also continue my education under your guidance in your country there.

Yours Lovely
Miss Victoria

Hua Mulan

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