Mohad Bashir, South Africa Petroleum


Staff member
From: Bashir <>
Date: 11/09/2018
Subject: RE

Attn: Sir/Madam,

I am Mr. Mohad Bashir. Head of Operations at Finance and Account Department of South Africa Petroleum.

I have been praying to Allah on this matter for a while, and I was told by an Imam that you are the gentleman with integrity am looking for You may not believe in spiritual life, but I so much believe it. I have 100Million USD legal fund of mine in a South African Reserve Bank. I will give you the certificate of deposit and prove of fund when you respond to my email.

I want you to invest this fund in any lucrative business that can be yielding 10% return on investment yearly, excluding the first year the fund was invested. I will be resigning in a month time, and I need to secure my family feature as fast as possible.

The brokerage company who was doing bond/stock trade on the fund before stock went down all over the world, will transfer all right to you by my authorization letter. If you assure me that you can handle the investment fund.

My Investment attorney will have to draft a memorandum of Understanding which we will read agree and sign before proceeding with the joint venture investment proposal.

I await your swift response

yours Sincerely
Mr. Mohad Bashir