Monika, Erika or Karina


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A new Thread, for a growing industry in Mexico.

This girl claims to be a Lesbian that lives in a lot of States here in Mexico (one of them, my home-town). Sometimes she is Monika, sometimes she is Erika or Karina... The point is you can watch her profile and extreme turn-on pics here:

The thing is she is not a lesbian, and maybe she isn't either mexican. I can't post the pictures here becouse they are just too explicit (send me a PM, and then I can send them to you).

The pictures are from some latin angry ex-boyfriend (in fact he appears in many of them)

Here I show the most descent one:

Grettings from Mexico.

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She is mine!

Ah No No mon ami. You are a brash young man! good looking but?
It is obvious zat a beauty such as she needs a man of taste and culture, oui??
A man like myself! I will volunteer for zis little adventure! ( but do not tell Jan she is a little minx zat one) ;)


I might give ya a PM el.paso and there is one thing more
what about the scam story btw, can you post more on it ? :cool:


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I might give ya a PM el.paso and there is one thing more
what about the scam story btw , can you post more on it ? :cool:

Pics sent Ben... ]

The story is that a friend of mine sent me this photoset, of a mexican or colombian girl that broke up with his boyfriend. He was really mad becouse she cheated on him... the rest is history. Now everybody down here has seen the pics.

I knew I had seen this girl before... I start browsing and bingo, there she was... The catch was I searched for her by sexual orientation... and she appeared more than once, and with different names.

She or He is interchanging photos with other true lesbians... A very serious violation to privacy.

Anothe link> Here she claims to be "Nataly_cool":


P.S.: She is a Hot Tamale indeed, leroy7...
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Oh please, guys, put your eyes back in your skull and quit drooling on your keyboards.