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Date: Tue, 25 Dec 2018
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Good day

We was found your position request on a jobsite. Now we can offer this vacancy available: Transportation Operator. Position is mostly about accepting, repacking and sending packages with the help of the Postal Service throughout the world. It's an outwork.

Someone should be at home during the day to accept packages and be connected via email to receive instructions from your manager. Some parcels could be for our purchaser's name or for your houseowner.

All the process is divided into four stages:
Step 1: You get boxes to your address. Some packs could be for our purchaser's name or for your house owner;
Step 2: You should receive and notify us about all the packages delivered to your home-address*;
Step 3: Repack packs: removing all invoices, putting some items together if required;
Step 4: Send all the packages according to our instructions you will get them by e-mail constantly;

*If the signing is necessary; you should sign for some parcels;
You don't need any investments to start working. All the delivery costs and extra expenses will be paid by a company.

Your responsibilities will include just making proper dispatches on schedule 24 hours since the successful receipt. Our manager will control your working process.

It's highly important to be in available via email; You should check it out at least once a day.

Your payment will be $20 per each sent parcel.Your payment will be deposited into your paypal account at the end of each working month. During the first month you will have not a very big quantity of products for working. There will be something like 10-50 packages a week. It's not obligatory to have any special education, you will have an opportunity to gain necessary expertise during test order.

Make sure to have working home and mobile phone numbers to reach you at any time. You need to have:
- Printer. You need to print postal labels to ship the parcels
- Internet Access and the ability of checking out your email 4-6 times daily.
- Ability to get the packages right to your physical address not P.O. box

If you would like to get some more information concerning this position - you could ask me any questions by email.

The offered position is really legal job, we don't work with products which may contain the materials, technologies forbidden for export/import in the US. Please, reply us to get more info about the vacancy

Sincerely yours,
Monika Rihova, personnel manager
Hot ShippingService US