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This one is fake. It is a representative scam. One name the scammer uses is Alex Robert.

Below is a listing from we need to work on killing this. I think the website listed below is real. I'll contact them.

Hello Friends How are you today and is life, hope you are doing fine? Happy New year and i pray God will bring joy and blessing to you and your family this new year. I represent MONKWELL COMPANY PLC based in LONDON. My company produced and exports furnitures, fabrics and wallpapers world trade. We are searching for representatives who can help us establish a medium of getting to our customers in Asia,Europe and America as well as making payments through you as our payment officer. It is upon this note that we seek your assistance to stand as our representative in your country. Note that, as our representative, you will receive 20% of whateveramount you clear for the company and the balance will be paid into anaccount we will avail to you. Please, to facilitate the conclusion of this transaction if accepted, do send me promptly by. But the problem i have is trust, and for me trust is the sole of partnership. If you are interested, do in contacting through the company employment email address which is : and we are going to need this details fom you which is: Full Name: Home Address: Phone Number: Waiting to hear from you soon Thank you for your time. Very Respectfully, Best Regards, Alex Robert. MANAGING DIRECTOR/CEO MONKWELL COMPANY PLC

Company: monkwell company
Address: Part Time Job Offer From Monkwell Company MONKWELL COMPANY PLC 11 Adam St, London, WC2N 6AH, United Kingdom
City: United Kingdom
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Province: - State: Nation Wide
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Whatever happened to Monkwell

I'm curious to know what came about this or what other info you may have. Is this company real? I am renting an apartment, which was posted on Craigslist and I got a response that didn't make sense to me and the company name of Monkwell was this person's email address so I decided to search for it and came apon your site and post. (all details needed were in my advert and the gramatical errors and incomplete sentences made me questions the email)....Below is the email and address....Any info given is appreciated! Thanks so much!
The advert of your Apartment for rent caught my
> attention as i wassurffing the web for new
> apartment,i will like to know if its still
> avaliable.
> I will also like you to give me more details about
> the.
> Besides will like to know the monthly rent and the
> deposit so that i can arrange the payment as soon as
> possible.
> Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
> Regards
> Engr kun


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Hello PHISH. This appears to be a setup for a scam. As you say, the grmmar is awful. In addition, the use of a free email server, is a red flag. Monkwell is a UK based company (it's real) so why use an email server in Hong Kong? Only scammers do that. You might also check this link. What they will do is probably overpay you with fake money orders. The best thing is to ignore the email and delete it.