Morons who spam at AFI


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They just won't stop.

numstricul [] ISP:
Thank you for your information and soon reply to my question.
Very much appreciate your help.
thanks so much for useful info
thanks for your suggestion
I think this is enough .....
It's enough to get you removed from this forum, spammer!


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fuusqui, [] ISP:
Thanks for your sharing. Thanks for sharing this useful information. It's great.
Thanks for spamming. Be sure to let the door hit you on the way out.


I am a spammer
Hello everybody!
I am a new member in this forum.I love it so much .
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Thank a lot!


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Hello spammer. I'm sorry I deleted your post. Not. I know you are disappointed to see this thread but you should understand that we have no tolerance for forum spammers. You will never be allowed to spam here.

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Miyu are you insulting spammers?

I think they go to the business scam subforum first and try and post there except bundshusH who posted in every thread he could find. He must have thought he'd died and gone to spammer heaven until-- Zap!. He's toast now.