Morris Albert


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Received: from, Nigeria, Lagos, Lagos Dial-pool Customer
Date: Wed, 5 Mar 2008
From: Morris Albert <>
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Hello ,

I have trusted you and i also put all my trust in you.But i want you to know that i have a little problem here in london.I am here for a purpose.And i will like to disclose this my issue to you.

There is money of mine which is $400,000.00USD that i wanted to receive the money from HSBC BANK PLC IN MANCHESTER in collaboration with one BANK IN NIGERIA.Director Foreign Operations (Union Bank Of Nigeria PLC) (U.B.N)

But the problem that i have now is that my account is not capable to receive the money.I will very happy if you can help me to receive the money into your account.After you receive the money into your account,then you will take 30percent out of it.After your 30percent,you will take the money for the phone also.

Then i will come down to your place and make arrangement on how to get my money from you.Kindly assist me for this,i will forward you the scan copy of the transfer slip that was given to me from HSBC BANK PLC after i hear from you.

Please contact Director Of Foreign Operations LAWYER (Union Bank Of Nigeria PLC) (U.B.N) after you have agree to help me out.

This the union bank lawyer/VICTORY LAW CHAMBERS email account is as follow: <>

Do let me know if you are ready to assist me in this before you mail the lawyer.You can also call my phone number +447024051738,i will be waiting to hear from you,regards.

Mr Morris Albert