Mosquito torture interrogation techniques on cyber-criminals


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Beating suspects is unethical so a better torture technique is to have very hungry mosquitoes push the suspect slowly bloodsuck by bloodsuck into confession. This cyber criminal started out very resilient but as more and more mosquitoes moved in on him he became more uncomfortable, he knew that both dengue and malaria are prevalent and felt the hundreds of hungry mosquitoes zooming in on his sweet blood thereby making him talk. Americans are very uncivilised and primitive creatures with their water-boarding and lack the intelligence to develop more successful and ethical tortures such as the mosquito technique which is cheap fast and effective when used by a professional interrogator.

Watch as the mosquitoes do their work the Yahooze cyber-criminal slowly opens up and reveals full details of a massive gang which were in Bangkok until this confession was made and then the cyber-scammers decided to head for the mountains to hide with their telephones and notebooks to continue the scamming. In future shows on Radio 419 we will take viewers into remote desolate regions to see where they are hiding ranging from islands and beaches to mountains and farming areas.

It is interesting to note that this particular gang was not simply into just emailing and bank account services but also installing keyloggers in places like cyber-cafes and also trading of worms, virii, and phishing codes. Ali Baba refers to commodity scams like photocopy paper oil and scrap metal, packages means soldiers sending stolen loot to greedy women who wish to obtain illegal wealth and transfer their money to obtain that wealth which is sent by diplomatic courier to them to continue the scam once a greedy woman has been hooked, this is also known as a romance scam. Scammers also commonly refer to romance scams as "choppin baitches" and often consider it ethical to punish the devil hiding inside greedy women. The romance scam victims if they continue to pay the package received will often contain fake gold or black dollars in order for the next scene in the 419 movie which is wash wash action.

Smart scammers wear insect repellent in case of emergency.

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It is amazing how quickly the low life scamming scumbags go from swaggering around when free to crybabies when caught.

Here are a few words for the scammers to think about. Law enforcement are becoming more efficient at arresting and jailing scammers.
The odds are now against the scammers getting away with scamming and long jail terms are what await scammers.

It is a good time for scammers to re consider their life of crime and find alternative employment.