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Both fraudulent message and Unicef Press Release regarding the fraudulent offers with their name:

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Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2012
From: Unicef Online <>

Warmest Greetings from UNICEF.We have just received an email from our recruitment department regarding your profile which we find interesting and certainly need your services at UNICEF. Firstly, indicate your current location and if you are currently available to join our work team. In a nutshell, UNICEF is currently recruiting employees in the United Kingdom . This is a routine exercise carried out by UNICEF worldwide to employ new staffs, foster human relations within its branches worldwide and to promote the general growth of UNICEF.

The company only needs 30 applicants whose resumes fit all its criteria on the job. The minimum payment for applicants with professional experience is 7800 GBP - 25,000 GBP monthly depending on the hours spent during work sessions and other additional qualifications that should be attached and sent in to us. Also employees who contribute heavily stand the possibilities to become branch managers in any of our branches in the world.

-Social and Economic Policy
- Gender Equality
- Human Rights
- Adolescent Development
- Monitoring and Evaluation
- Planning
- Communication for Development
- Public-sector Alliances & Resource Mobilization
- Emergency Programme
- Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
- Health
- Nutrition
- Child Protection
- Education
- Finance and Administration
- Supply/Logistics
- Information Communication Technology
- Human Resources
-Maintainance Engineers


This employment exercise is an agreement between UNICEF and an employee to relocate from his/her current country/residence to work and leave in the United Kingdom.

As part of our company policy, we are able to guarantee the following benefits of:
• Annual leave
• Dependency allowance
• Rental subsidy
• Education grant
• Pension scheme
• Medical and dental insurance
• Home leave
• Life insurance
• Paid sick leave
• Family leave
• Family Visit
• Maternity / Paternity adoption leave
• Special leave

Salary packages are contained in your Contract Agreement. You are therefore required to read and digest the write up above and write us an email immediately so as to determine our line of action.

You are welcome to join Unicef. Attach and send in your Curriculum Vitae promptly .

Thank you for your co-operation and have a wonderful day.

Best Regards,
Mr. Anthony Lakes
United Kingdom
Phone: +447024093649 +447024091288

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scam victim

I have been sent this message and I did not know it that it was a scam! Seeking for job I thought that they saw my cv from a career site where I uploaded it recently. So I sent my cv and I replied to an employment data form. So now they have my personal info! Of course I did not write any bank account mumber or any number of social insurance. But they know my name, my address, my phone number, even my height and kilos! (really weird that!) What can I do now? How will they use it? After I have sent my cv and this filled form I found an article about scam and Unicef's notice about employment scams so I sent an e-mail to their organisation (the formal one!) in order to confirm if it was fraud all this with the job opportunity and now I am waiting for their reply. But after I found your website I am totally sure that I am a victim of a fraud...:( :confused:

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Mr. Anthony Lakes
United Kingdom
Phone: +447024093649 +447024091288
It should also be noted that the re-direct MOBILE/CELL number: +447024091288 is used for many fake job offers worldwide.

This number is also used by a FAKE BARRISTER; namely Barrister Petrus Swart. :rolleyes:


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Thank you so much for the reply! But they dont have my ID mumber or the number of my social insurance. They only have my mail, my name, adress, phone number and info about my studies! Can they do sth with these? Should I tell it to a bank clerc to help me out? Who is this man? And why do they do that? employment scams? What can they earn with this? They are kidding with our job search???:mad:


I live in Portugal and today I received that e-mail. I was so happy because I'm unemployed, felt like a dream come true. It seemed so good that I decided to search for some information and found this forum. Now I'm dissapointed :( Fourtunately I did not reply. Thanks for posting these informations!


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This employment scam has been running in French for a while. We did not get a full header but it's probably an email from Benin:

Return Path:
Date: 9 Sept 2015

United Nations Children's Fund "UNICEF '' - FRANCE
14 rue Porte Cote 41000 LOIR-ET-CHER

As part of its work program for 2015, the Joint Inspection Unit Inspection Unit (JIU) of UNICEF conducted a review of staffing in the United Nations system.
This theme was proposed by the UN Secretariat and approved by several other organizations participating. Thus, for the promotion of employment and the insertion professional graduates to achieve the goals of UNDP, UNICEF launches a personnel recruitment notice program all combined categories of share the world regardless of race, of nationality or sex.
1-Be between 22 and 65 years.
2-Being of good character.
three-Be available to travel immediately.
4-Knowing well the French speak English if possible
5 -Be holder or other professional degree BACHELOR
6-Having gained professional experience would be an asset
To apply for this recruitment program, simply send by email documents listed below at the UNICEF Office for a request for inclusion in this recruitment program.
Required documents:
- A letter of motivation
- A Photo ID
- copies of diplomas
- Work certificates or certificates of services rendered
Signed Managing Director
Anthony Lake
---------------------------------------- ---------------------------
We work in over 190 countries and territories through our country programs and our National Committees . We are UNICEF, the United Nations Children's


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Return-Path: <>
Received: from (EHLO (
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2018 )
To: "" <>

3 United Nations Plaza
Registry Department
New York, New York 10017,
Attn: Ambassador Select.

Greetings from UNICEF Family. On the behalf of the United Nations Children Fund(UNICEF) we wish to inform you that your name was in the Vetted list of candidate that Mr. Tedros Adhanom, the Director General of World Health Organization (WHO) submitted for Appointment as the UNICEF New National/Regional Ambassador as the field coordinator. I am very happy to inform you that you are among the selected person, which the secretary general of United Nations Hon. António Guterres, has assign and also the Executive Director of UNICEF Mrs. Henrietta Holsman Fore, has given her acknowledgement on your appointment as UNICEF Regional Ambassador as Field coordinator In Central and West Africa. Below are the Benefit, Allowance, Entitlements and Salary Involved.

Benefits and Entitlements.
Ambassador’s benefit for family, friendly, work-life, and diversity policies, and UNICEF is committed to maintaining a balanced gender and geographical representation. Other Benefits and entitlements include:
• Annual leave
• Dependency allowance
• Medical and dental insurance
• Pension scheme
• Rental subsidy
• Education grant
• Home leave
• Life insurance
• Paid sick leave
• Family leave
• Family Visit
• Maternity / Paternity adoption leave
• Special leave
Salary and Allowance.

Below is the line-up of your salary, your salary is a post adjustment salary. The post adjustment salary includes a monthly base salary multiplier and takes into account cost-of-living factors and exchange rate fluctuation as well as inflation.
Salary of $55,000.00USD
Health allowances $4,543.00USD
Traveling allowance $6,321.00USD

Which is sum up to $65,864,00USD that you will be receiving monthly, besides you will be given a compensation of $50.000USD, also a good furnish 4 bedroom Apartment (optional if you wish to relocate to the place of duty) and a private SUV of your choice from the United Nations. In addition to this, you also have the mandatory right to claim any fund from any other financial institution or organization, being you the beneficiary or benefactor, without any form of disagreement or controversy. Moreover, you will be able to set up a refugee camp or Orphanage home in your own residential country with the UN Certificate of permit that will be the issue to you. Ambassador selects, kindly complete your registration by download the registrations forms find in the attach folder, after fill it kindly scan and sent it back, alongside with a passport photograph and any valid identification card of yourself, which will be used for verification purpose and to process your official document, after that within 7 working days all files and your official document will be ready before you resume office with all benefit, allowance, and compensation to be given to you.

Best Regard,
Sir Anthony Lake
Registry Department,
UNICEF House New-York

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