Mr. Asare, Saregold Trader


One He-Goat Short Of A Westy
date: Jan 11, 2020, 8:39 AM
subject: Re: Gold business

I write to inform you about my business plans.

We are gold mining Company base in West Africa Ghana, we have large quantity of gold and i will like you to work with us as a partner in your Country to receive as follow.

Origin Republic of Ghana.
Commodity AU Gold Dore bars
Purity 94% minimum.
Carats 22 minimum

Our company will be shipping 20kgs every week or more to your office and after you receive the Gold you sale and wire money to us, take off your commission as agree.

Each kilo we pay you after sales $5000 , We are going to send it at rate of $35000 and $5000 is for You, $30,000 is for our company.

Every week we deliver 20kgs to 25kgs.
We can also deliver 50kgs direct to your office address
Or your home address.
1 Year Agreement

Let me know if you are willing to work with us

Mr. Asare