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Date: Sun, 13 Nov 2016
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Dear Friend,

Hope all is well with you and your Family, thank you for the response to my email, sequel to my proposal to you, due to confidentiality I have attached to this email a thorough explanation of this partnership for your understand, do open the attached email, read diligently and get back to me immediately.

I look forward to your urgent response, confirm your understanding and your commitment to continue this partnership with me.

Dir. Chau-Chen Yang



I would respectfully request that you keep the contents of this mail confidential and respect the integrity of the information that comes by as a result of this mail.

I would like of intimate you with certain facts that I believe would be of interest and great benefit to both of us, I want you to go through this letter thoroughly for better understanding.

I am Mr. Chau-Chen Yang (a Taiwanese by nationality), the Manager/Director for Credit & marketing Taiwan Business BANK (TBB)} Taiwan and I am in charge of all our Investor's Direct Capital Funds, I have more than 208 Corporate Investors attached to my portfolio whose Capital Investment Funds are being managed and administered by me.

This Capital Investment Funds has a value of over US$351 Million net which is used for trading in Stock Market, and Lending with Profit Returns every end of business year.

Each corporate investor is expected to receive interest from his total Investment Capital Funds per annum on each of the Investment Capital Funds depending on their capital investment respectively. Presently I make an excess/over profit of 1.2% each from all the Investor's Investment Capital Funds annually which have exceeded our targeted 20% of the Total Investment Capital Funds and so far I have secretly made $29 Million over time from Investor’s Excess Maximum Return Capital Profit (E.M.R.C.P).

However, I cannot transfer this fund to myself and hereby seek for a foreigner (YOU), who has no trace of contact to with me before now; who would be willing to stand as an Investor to receive these funds as Tenure Investment Proceeds in his/her account. I need you (foreigner) to stand as an Investor in order for me to easily transfer the funds to your foreign account as fast as possible otherwise if discovered, our establishment will convert the funds into the company's treasury at the end of first quarter and this is where you come in.

This is a fair deal without any risk attached on your side, the risk involve in this deal is on my part. I have evaluated the risks and the only risk I have here is from you refusing to work with me and alerting my bank or completing this deal half way thereby attracting the attention of some officers/executive in my bank. All I require from you is to permit me to put you in as a foreign investor to my Bank and I assure you that I could have the deposit released to you within a few days depending on your commitment and mutual zeal to obey and follow my professional instruction to the letter. I will put you in as an Investor to my bank and attached the profit fund to your portfolio in order to speedily facilitate the remittance of the funds out of my bank. I will work with my Lawyer to perfect all legal arrangements in your favor and the funds will be paid to you for our own use fronting you as an investor.

As a professional, it is my duty to ensure that the transfer is done in a quiet manner, hence you will have to follow my instructions and act accordingly to enable everything work out smoothly. I will do everything legally required to ensure that the project goes smoothly and it shall pass through all Laws of International Banking.


I AM PREPARED TO SHARE THE PROCEEDS 60% (me) / 40% WITH YOU WHILE 5% WILL BE SET ASIDE FOR CHARITY CAUSE making my part 55 percent total upon successful completion of this deal.

Please if my offer is of no appeal to you, delete this message and forget I ever contacted you. Do not destroy my career/reputation because you do not approve of my proposal. You may not know this but people like me who have made tidy sums out of comparable situations run the whole private banking sector but it like working for the investor.

I am not a criminal and what I do; I do not find against good conscience, I am the only one who knows of this situation, good fortune has blessed you with a name that has planted you into the center of relevance in my life. If you find yourself able to work with me kindly contact me on this same email with brief information of your person, together with your AGE and LOCATION for further information of transaction. I'll contact you if I am satisfied with your Age and Brief Information, as these are vital to me. Rather,

if you give me positive signals, I will initiate this process towards a conclusion. This information should be forwarded to me only on my private email as given above. I wish to inform you

that you should not contact me via official channels; I will deny knowing you and about this project. I repeat, I do not want you contacting me through my official phone lines nor do I want you contacting me through my official email account.

Contact me only through my private e-mail given above, to enable me provide further details for better understanding on how we can mutually archive the success of this project together. I do not want any direct link between you and me. My official lines are not secure lines as they are periodically monitored to assess our level of customer care in line with our Total Quality Management Policy. Please observe this instruction religiously. Please, again! I am a family man; I have a wife and children. I send you this mail not without a measure of fear as to what the consequences, but I know within me that nothing ventured is nothing gained and that success and riches never come easy or on a platter of gold. This is the one truth I have learned from my private banking clients. Do not betray my confidence and trust, if we can be of one accord.


Chau-Chen Yang


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Subject: Vs: Joint Investment reply Back ASAP
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Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2017

Greeting To You, i have contacted you to see how best we can help each other, i have a business proposal Worth $29 Million USD that i will like to share with you, please do contact me on my Private Email Below for more Info
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Dir. Chau chen Yang


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Subject: Business Proposal
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Date: Fri, 2 Jun 2017

i have contacted you to see how best we can help each other, i have a business proposal worth $29Million USD that i will like to share with you, please let contact and talk much more about this On my Via Email privately (

Best Regard
chua chen yang.