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Subject: Contract Supply.
Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2018


Good day, my humble greetings to you, Please i am contacting you to request your collaboration to enable you and i executes a very lucrative and highly profitable contract supply of animal medicine product, this contract supply will profit us enormously, it require we furnish regularly huge quantity of animal vaccine to a wealthy farmer who happen to be a client of mine, they have a very large agricultural business and cattle farming here in this part, now i want you to understand that we can purchase this medicine product from a laboratory company at a lower price and selling at a good price which shall leave us with considerable profit. As a matter of fact we shall be making twice the price of purchase. The interesting advantage is that the farmer is in a position to make a deposit to us for his demand on agreeable terms. However, i did inform the Farmer that this is the company's terms of sales. Now we can comfortable execute this business with the deposit we shall receive from the client. So please if you are interested, kindly get back to me for more detail, I shall be expecting your quick reply. Thank you.

Mr. Frank.