Mr Fred Johnson

From:, Netherlands, Estro Web Services Private Limited
Subject: Hello,
From: "Mr. Fred Johnson" <>
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2018

I am Mr. Fred Johnson, a fiduciary consultant for some highly Eminent personnels scattered all over the world who prefer to remain anonymous. I am representing them to secure their needs.

They have shown proofs to me which I have verified professionally that their claims are true, sincere and accurate as I wouldn't want my name and career smeared with mud; that they have a certain large sum of money and they are interested in purchasing luxurious properties and other lucrative investment portfolios.

My clients are politicians, highly placed dignitaries currently at the helm of affairs and some of them are in asylum which explains why they prefer to remain anonymous. They have requested that I source for a reliable and capable foreigner to act as their partner who will help in the purchase and management of luxurious properties and other investment portfolios that can bring a good ROI (subject to a close study of feasibility expected to be supplied).The funds are duly protected professionally to avoid any unauthorized tampering or theft.

We shall discuss further regarding your entitlement after ascertaining your readiness, willingess and commitment to the process of actualizing this goal.

As a consultant, I am aware of the various similar propositions flying about on the internet and I must confess that I was reluctant to take up this task, but having carried out my investigations and confirmed it is true, I can confidently tell you that this is real and quite lucrative.

Kindly reply back to me should you wish to be a partner with 100% assurance that you will not regret your decision.