Mr. Jaya, World Exotic, Indonesia

We found that Mr.Jaya of World Exotic Indonesia is well known as fraud, scam.
Nobody know his real name. he use several false names.

There are many reports that buyers from Iran, Ireland,Russia.. are cheated by him.
We hope Mr.Jaya should pay back our remittance asap.

INAFISH(Indonesia Live Tropical Fish Exporter) and P2HP (Government) ask him
to appear in criminal investigation but he didnt appear,

he is cheating in several web sites. here are his web sites.
AirFish Indonesia is under suspended due to complaints
in [URL][/URL]
World Exotic Indonesia----------------------
Indo Aquaria-------------------------
Aquatic Khatulistiwa Indonesia----------------
Jaya Sumpena (
CV Indonesia PetFish(=Indonesia PetFish2010)-----
Fred Naturahman <>
Mr Sukma

be careful of this fraud!
anybody who is cheated by this fraud contact me. we can help each other.

Muhammad Raza

Dear Sir,

I am from Karachi, Pakistan and I was also cheated by Airfish Indonasia and they took my 2200$ by saying that they will send me Live Fish stock and after receiving money they started cheating and they disappeared. I have all the records with me to prove. please help my they ruined my business. HELP ME!

Central Scrutinizer

Staff member
@ Muhammad, you can file a report with the police there. Otherwise, before you buy, check, double-check, and triple check any business you do not know before you ever send money to them.


I came close to sending him money for some animals that would have made a great addition to my business but something didn't seem right,I then decided to do a thorough back ground check and found him to be a fraud..I asked him to use my brokerage group and he gave me all kinds of bullshit why he could not use a broker,I learned a lesson to not trust any exporters who are not willing to use a broker.

Michael Phillips

There is a Jaya sumpena I just sent money

i just sent money to a Jaya sumpena with a exotica Indonesia. For some blue tree monitors. Something seems fishy about it Is this the same person? He had me send money western union to a bank account. I am from the USA and not familiar with how they do things there. Any help would be great.


Staff member
If you sent money it's gone. As CS said above, you can file police report but that's about all that can be done.


The Indonesian government wants to gather info on this scammer, please send all your evidence here:


Why does the Indonesian government use gmail and why are you in Tokyo?
I was given this information by contacts with the Indonesian government.
Search those emails min your browser and you will see these emails on government sites for cites etc.
And yes, they use gmail too.
And yes, I am in Japan because I live here and was nearly scammed.
Do your own research like I did before questioning me.