Mr Jim Luck, Western Union

from: Western Union Money Transfer <>
reply-to: Western Union Money Transfer <>
date: Jun 13, 2018,
subject: Your Online Transfer Is Ready

Attention: Dear Beneficiary

I am very sorry for taken too much of your time at this moment but please try to understand and bear with me as you go through this urgent message, anyway my name is Mr Jim Luck the manager of western union money transfer office in United States of America.

I have tried reaching you on mail all this while, but you fail to respond back to me, now be aware that your matter came to my desk which were dated since on the 11-09-2016 (2) months ago, with the total funds of $2.5 million United State Dollars.Your compensation/inheritance fund has been registered online western union money transfer system through the help of IMF Dir, Donald Nadal Benin Republic.

Frankly speaking you are very lucky because you will start receiving your fund, once you register your email address on our western union online system, then you will been receiving your payment everyday before 10:30AM your time, and you will been receiving your fund, $5,000 $5,000 us dollars everyday till you receive the total fund.Now remember that all the charges/fees has been paid, only waiting for you too register your email address, and start receiving your fund, all you need to do now is to register your email in our western union money transfer online system with the below link and access your fund.

so click or copy the link below and via it online okay


Please take note of this and see the differences because you will surely testify to your friends, families, partners who had been mocking you all this while, the only thing you need to do now is to follow my instruction thanks.


Yours Sincerely,
Mr Jim Luck
Managing Director Of (Foreign Department)
Western Union Head Office United States of America