Mr Michael Morrison, Speedex Courier Services

from: Peter Shawn <>
date: Thu, Mar 1, 2018 at 6:36 PM
subject: Welcome to Speedex Courier Services

Hello ,
We received your application also we have contacted some local stores within your city who are fully ready to work with us. I believe you are fit for this position. The wage for this job is $750 weekly and as you are aware of the duration of the job. Also i want you to know that payment will be issue to you in form of a cashier check which you have to deduct your first week job payment $750. A upfront payment will be issued to you as promised in the last E-mail you received . So you will deduct a total sum of $750 from the Payment to be deliver to you and you are to send the remaining balance to the Van rental service who will arrange you the van to be used. we have a deal with the van rental to make sure our service is positive highly perfect.
The main reason why the payment you will receive will cover your money and the van rental money ; is that we have a cancel order, which the funds will be return via on a single check , for easy and fast clearing of the check ;which can be drawn from any bank in the states, the check will be direct to you.
I hope this is clear and understandable and i believe you will be getting ready to work, text to (619) 630-9733 so that we can save your number on our system.
Thank you.
Speedex Courier Services LLC ™
Yours sincerely,
Mr Michael Morrison