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I ordered online mobile phones where they said buy 2 get 1 from a person name Mr. peter morgan from UK. He asked me to transfer money via western union which i did so but the address where i need to send the money to is in Dubai, UAE. I was suspicious by then. The money transferred was 800 usd as the phones cost 400 usd each. He told me he will send me the shipping tracking number but the next day he told me that there was issues with VAT & TAX and i had to pay 1,500 usd minimum. He also offered me another solution and that is to buy 5 more phones (free 2 phones with total of 10) so as not to incur more charges and he asked me to transfer money for 2000 USD. but i unfortunately or fortunately i don't have 2000 usd and i told him that. I also asked if he can give back my money and cancel the order but he said it can no longer be cancelled as they have already processed my order and used the 700 USD. He told me that he will consider 50% of the payment in order to ship out the item but i still don't have 1000 usd so he said that he needs to make at least the 50% of the payment and i have already paid 800 usd so i would only need to pay 600 usd more and that i can pay the remaining 1,400 usd once i sell the phones within 30 days. i did transfer the money because at that time i was really positive that i would get the shipment because he did promise to send me the tracking number afterwards. After a few days passed, i still don't have the tracking number and he was also calling me (yes unfortunately he has my number) saying sorry that it took time and he will have it by monday. Monday came he sent me an email that he is busy blah blah blah and he has the tracking number but they have an issue with the insurance document because without it they cannot clear out the delivery. The insurance is 199 USD per product so that will be 1,990 usd and he asked me to transfer money within 24-48 hours or else the custom will charge 3,500 usd if it will be stopped at the next stop over location. He said it is refundable upon delivery so once i have the items the insurance or his accounting department will send me back the money. I told him i don't have 1,990 usd and if this is a scam, he can have my money and stop right now but he swears it's not and that he is trying to help me (he's really good with words). So he says he'll help me shoulder the 1,600 usd out of his pocket (since it is refundable) and needs me to transfer 390 usd by thursday. He also showed me something that looks like an official insurance document, with many mispellings actually, and it says Lloyds TSB general insurance (without the logo) with address in newport but it says Dubai UAE (i did a little research and their name has been used in previous scams before). He told me he wants me to sign this document but i wouldn't go anywhere near something that might be used in court so i did not sign it. He also said he's using Aramex shipping company and i've researched that they also have been linked to scams and fraud before. The name of the company is Aljawan Electronics limited and i have also researched about them but so far I haven't seen any complaints although I googled Peter Morgan and saw several scams linked to this name. He is now very persistent (he keeps on calling & emailing me) and I don't know what to do. If this is not a scam, will I get in trouble with the customs or with the insurance?

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@Deejay. Welcome to AFI. Sorry but this is clearly a scam. I would say that your money is gone unfortunately. Please stop all contact with this scammer.

You can report this to your local police as it is fraud and is a crime. You will not get into trouble with any customs or any other officials as they do not exist, they are just part of the scam.

If you can give us copies of the emails used and a copy of the scam email with your details removed we can check into this further for you.


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issues with VAT & TAX and i had to pay 1,500 usd minimum.
Absolutely a scam. Stop now before it gets any worse. Nothing he tells you is real. It's all a lie. If you have a website you can post it here and we can take a look at it.