Mr Tory Nixon, California Bank And Trust

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Subject: Attention Please
From: Tory Nixon <>
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2018
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Attention Please,

This is another reminder concerning your overdue partial payment of $10.5 Million(Ten Million Five Hundred Thousand U S Dollars).

After our 2018 payment resolution with United Nations(UN) officials,Federal Reserve Bank (FRB), CitBank, Bank Of America(BOA) and office of the Attorney General(AG),it was discovered that your payment was among the approved disbursements for this year 2018,therefore,we at CALIFORNIA BANK AND TRUST(CB&T), has been given full clearance and authority to credit your bank account with your payment via; Cashier's Check, Swift Transfer,Debit Card or Online Banking System, depending on your choice to receive your payment, this will be done immediately your documents are verified.

We are therefore saddled with the obligation to convey your payment of $10.5 Million(Ten Million Five Hundred Thousand U S Dollars) to your destination via any of the above mentioned payment option.

Kindly revert with speed for details to complete this payment process within a 72 banking hour timeframe. As a matter of urgency, kindly respond via my direct email account below :

Yours sincerely,
Mr. Tory Nixon
For California Bank And Trust.


Iam replying to the email that i received, concerning the money to be deposited to me.

De Master Yoda

Staff member
@Velma Green welcome to AFI. Unfortunately there is NO money for you, it is a scam designed to steal money from you. If you continue with this scammer he will ask you to send money TO him for fees and charges to get the imaginary money you will NEVER receive any money from him.

I have deleted your personal information from your second post as it is unwise to give out any of your information over the internet.

Yes it would be nice to receive a lot of money for nothing but life does not work like this. Please do not fall for these scams over the internet NO ONE will give you a lot of money for nothing. Thank you.