Mrs Aina Abdul, from Libya


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Received: from (EHLO (
From: Aina aabdul11
Date: Sat, 19 May 2018
Subject: From Mrs Aina

Assalam-o-Alaikum, my dear am happy that i received your mail, i know we haven`t known each other, here is my private Email, First of all i want to introduce myself to you, I am Mrs. Aina Abdul, i married to Mr. Abdul Wasay who was working with Libya Government as a Construction Manager Payment Department before he died during the Libya War Crisis here in West Africa, i had only 1 daughter, we managed escape across nearby country here in Senegal with some of my late husband family because of the Crisis, I hope my knowing you will make an avenue for me to come out from this country

i will appreciate your love and your support, i don`t want to make any mistake, if you want me to come and meet you in your country before anything, i am ready to come as soon as your there to assist me, I want to leave the family of my late husband because of insults and maltreatment am receiving since my husband died, I need your help if Allah permit you, i have important issue to discus with you privately and I need your honest and truthfulness, I don`t want any disappointment due to my situation, i can not do anything as am still with the family of my late husband here, my late husband has a Sum of 1 Million 600.000.Dollars deposited in Islamic bank Saudi Arabia, i don`t want the family to know

every information about the Account is with me, the bank is ready to release the money for me once i provide the bank Foreign Account according to their demand, if you will help me without any disappointment after the bank transferred the money into your Account for me, am waiting to hear from you to know everything about you before i explain to you more details, Attach is my picture and i will be happy to see your picture too, in case you want to talk to me direct, +221 763 297285,

Ms Aina