Mrs Alice Clarke


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From: "Alice Clarke"<>
Subject: US$3,280,000 compensation transfer update
Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2018

This is finally to remind you that the credit order of US$3,280,000.00 raised in your favor and scheduled to confirm in your bank account is being delayed due to your inability to provide your beneficiary information and the legal endorsement requirements as stated earlier.

Kindly inform us today if we should still proceed or cancel the transfer of the US$3,280,000.00 compensation to your bank account as scheduled.

Please respond.


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From: Alice Clarke <>
Date: Sat, 3 Nov 2018
Subject: $3,280,000 compensation transfer update

We have noted your message and thank you for your understanding. In accordance with the United kingdom financial regulations, you are requested to come down to our office in London; within the next three (3) bank working days to officially witness the legal endorsement and notarization of your funds transfer documents needed for the remittance of the US$3,280,000.00 to your bank account in your country. On arrival at our London office, you are to present the following to our legal department...

1. Your full beneficiary name, contact address and mobile number.
2. Your correct beneficiary bank account to receive the US$3,280,000.00
3. A copy of your passport
4. A non-residential notarization/endorsement fees of US$380 only.

Alternatively, if you cannot be able to travel down to our United Kingdom office, you can quickly email or fax your beneficiary information, a copy of your valid Identification and forward the legal notarization and endorsement fee of US$380 to our legal department agency bank account to enable them witness and complete the endorsement process on your behalf.

Once the above items are received, the US$3,280,000.00 will be remitted to your bank account within 48 hours and transfer copies forwarded to your and your bankers for confirmation.

Please respond for further assistance.,