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Date: Thu, 5 Apr 2018
Subject: REPLY NOW!!

This fund is Awarded from European Union and United Nations respectively for compensation/overdue payments, the fund is deposited to our custody to send to all the beneficiaries who has complied. After our verification we found out that you are qualified to receive the payment and We are ready to send your first payment of $6000 dollars through money gram or Bank but you are only have to pay for Registration/Money Gram transfer charges of $100 dollars only before you will be able to receive your first payment of $6000 dollars.

We will be sending you the fund in bits of $6000 dollars every day until we send all your fund, this is because the fund is huge and can not be sent all at once. Be assured that you do not have to pay any other fees or money to anybody before you receive your payment after sending this Registration/transfer charges of $100 dollars. Your first payment of $6000 dollars will be transferred and the 8 digit number will be sent to you immediately we receive this transfer charges of $100 dollars, we can not deduct the charges from the deposited fund because the European Union prohibits us from tempering the fund until it is all sent to the beneficiary

You can send the transfer charges of $100 dollars to us through any Money gram or western Union or bank account around you so that we can start sending your fund immediately. As soon as we receive the fee, i will send you Money gram information for you to go and receive your first payment and we will keep sending your fund until you receive all your funds.
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