Mrs Eva Rose


Staff member
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Date: Wed, 9 Jan 2019
Subject: Email Address Owner, 2019/20 compensation bank :

Dear,I thank you for accepting to work with me and see that the fund is release and transfer to your bank account before i will quite from my banking work and start coming to meet you in your name.

I would like to explain to you about my concern for you to know, as a banker i will not want you to implicate me to anybody that i am the person that inform you such amount of money is lying in the bank since 30/01/2000 but i will be giving you secret idea on how you will succeed to claim the fund from our bank without them find out who give you the idea and i will run to your country as soon as you confirm to me that the fund is in your bank account.

Dear, I want you to forward your details information such as your name, your phone, youraddress which i will use to locate you there in your country as soon as i confirm the fund is in your bank account and after i receive your details information i will forward to you more details and also application form you will use to contact bank management, for release and transfer of the fund to your bank account as legal rightful beneficiary to the fund.

Once again my dear, keep this transaction between I and you do not allow people know about it and if you going to expose it to unknown person to this fund let me know so that i will stop communicate with you because fund have lying in the bank for years nobody know about it until i find you as who i trust and i will not want you to betray my trust on you as i said all i want from you is honest and sincere so that we can achieve our dream from this fund because i know the fund will change our life to better life if trust be our both side.

I expect to hear positive respond from you with your details information so that i will give you further details on how to get it done from bank and make sure the fund is remit into your bank account with immediate effect

Thank you and i expect your urgent co-operate mail.

Yours sincerely,
Miss Eva Rose,,