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Date: Tue, 5 Mar 2019
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Subject: Greetings!!!!!!!!!!!!

Greetings Beloved,

With warm hearts I offer my friendship and my greetings and I hope this letter meets you in good time. It will be surprising to you to receive this proposal from me since you do not know me personally. However, I am sincerely seeking your confidence in this matter which I propose with my free mind and as a woman of integrity.

My name is Mrs Grace Cole Richter from United States of America living in Malaysia, I am terminally ill and have decided to donate the inheritance I got from my late husband to you, I have been diagnosed of acute cancer for about 2 years now.And from all indications, my condition is really deteriorating and my doctors have courageously told me that I may not live that long; this is because the cancer has reached a critical stage..

I'm married to Mr Albert Jan Richter who worked with Canada embassy in London United Kingdom, and we were married for many years without a child before his death, I'm 48 years old woman. I have some funds I inherited from him (my late husband) the sum of Two Million, five Hundred Thousand dollars (US $2,500,000,00 )which i needed a very honest and God fearing person who will claim the funds from the bank in Malaysia and use the funds for God's work. donation in the house of God.And to help the widows/widowers,orphans and help less- privileged.

I found your profile and decided to contact you for the humanitarian work,.

In my present condition life is without meaning to me and hope has since eluded me. Each day I give my entire existence a thought, I feel over powered by gloom and despair, also saw nothing but death lurking around. All these are my reasons for deciding to donate my inheritance for charity in which you have been favored as the beneficiary.

I must tell you that I was truly touched by my inner mind to take this decision and I will advise you don't see your windfall as avenue for pleasure spree but should see it as an opportunity to help others especially the Orphans, the widows and less privileged people. Always put me in your prayers and ask God to forgive my sins and trespasses. I shall be undergoing major operations any moment from now,

I don't need any telephone communication in this regards because of my health according to my doctor report, please if you would be able to use the funds for the humanitarian work as i stated here contact me back.

so i will direct you to our Bank in Malaysia where this funds was deposited by my late husband Mr. Albert Jan Richter

I will stop here until i hear from you.
Always pray for my health.
May God bless you In Jesus name Amen!!!

Mrs Grace Cole