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Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2018
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Subject: Greetings to you

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Hello Dear Beneficiary

This may come as a surprise to you, but it is a good news for you, your name was approved among the foreigners that their fund payment was delayed by the last government.

The new president gave my office the control to pay and refund everybody that his or her transfer is pending here in Africa, I found out from my file that this bad corrupt bank officers has purposely delayed your payment so that they can claim it to their selfish pockets, but thanks to or new humble upright president who has found pity on your payment.

Now $5.5 Million Five million five hundred thousand dollars has been approved to be paid to you by ATM-CARD mode, this method is simple and fast, the $5.5 Million Five million five hundred thousand dollars will be uploaded into the ATM-CARD and it will be sent to you by DHL, you will receive the atm-card in 3-4 days in your address,and every moment you will be able to withdraw 15,000 dollars per moment transaction, that is how it is programmed.

i will give you more details once I read from you, we need you to furnish us with your following

1-Your address:
2-Your full names
3-Your mobile cell phone:

I will update you on how possible you will receive this payment at once in 3-4 days.All i need is your support and cooperation for a quick payment.

Contact:Mr. Davis Harrison
Reply via E-mail:

Warm regards
Mrs. Grace Morgan
Payment director