Mrs Haniya Abdul Aziz, from Libya


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Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2018
Subject: Mrs. Haniya Aziz Abdul.

Hello My Dear Sir / Madam.

I am happy to know you, but God knows you better and he knows why he has directed me to you at this point, so do not be afraid.

I have a great confidence that is why am contacting you in this manner. I believe people get to know themselves and become good friends only but one day, which can lead them to everlasting business and family relationship.

I know you are humble and God fearing, My Name is Mrs. Haniya Aziz Abdul. I am from Libya and my husband is one of the late Gaddafi son’s drivers, It was my husband who took Gaddafi family to Niger and Algeria when they ran from Libya But he came back to Libya and died when their convoy was hit by Nato Bombs.

He told me something very important when he was alive. He told me how he took some money from Gaddafi late Son and kept it in a secret place.

He said the Money is in US Dollars, $18.5 Million; I am presently out of Libya because we ran out during the war through the help of united nation high commission to refugee camp.

why I have written this message to you is because I want you to stand with me as my late husband friend and family business associate to take ownership of the fund which my late husband kept in one of the Special Bank.

Please bear with me, because if people knows that it belongs to my late husband they will seize it and report to the Libyan government, please understand me very well My late husband fights and died for his master without achieving nothing, so please I have to keep everything secret until I hear from you.

Please all what I am saying is just known by both of us and nobody else. I have 1 child for my late husband and nothing to feed him here until I can get hold of the fund,

as I just told you, but I still have to be very carefully not to lose the money, I will give you 30% of the fund if you will assist me, I will tell you how you can receive the money into your account when I hear from you.

Also every other detail about me will be given when I see your seriousness to help me in receiving the money into your bank account.

Please reply me quickly for more details.

Yours Faithfully.
Mrs. Haniya Aziz Abdul.