Mrs Herate Muwani, Zimbabwe

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Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2018
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Greetings Dear beloved..

I knew this might be unexpected message to you. But i felt quite safe in relating with you, I choose reach you by email because it still remains the fastest medium of communication considering the situation now. But I will appreciate your care towards my family circumstances as we are in need of your assistance. I am Herate Muwani the wife of Late Mr. Raymond Muwani of Harare a Province in Zimbabwe, I got your contact information through my research as I was looking for a reliable and God fearing person that can assist me and my family, and I quite believe I have founded you of being my helper in this regards, even if am not acquainted to you before…

the matters arising is involves this amount of money $15.5M, United State Dollars, and it will be transferred if you embrace my family, this money is inherited from my late husband who was assassinated by the evil previous presidential ruler named Robert Mugabe as a matter envy of taking our lands and properties during the ZANU-PF and MDC Crisis in Zimbabwe, which led to be killing and banishing of foreign investments. So after the death of my husband on 29 Nov 2017 a day i can never forget, I was deeply approached by our family lawyer just last year, who told me that my late husband filed a documents with him which stipulates his WILL and the name of my Son appeared on the WILL who is Davis and his Sister..

i urged you to pay me attention concerning this notice, the money is deposited with a security company here in South Africa with all the documents filed by the lawyer, In case of my absence. i will be glad only if you will show your conception as my husband business foreign partner, who can assist us to transfer the money out of South Africa, for a good profitable investment purposes. Since I discovered this money I have saved it for the future of my two kids. And our lawyer told me that my late husband warns him from their agreement to guide my son to any level of business he want to do, but I will not allow my son to remains here for any type of businesses for security reasons of-which I had discussed it with the lawyer and he acknowledged.

Hopefully you really know and understand that my future especially of my kids depends on this money? As much I will be grateful if you can assist us in handing these funds wisely until my family assembles over there. Here is our telephone number 0603314561 or mail to enable you communicating with us and we will have some modality discussions of transferring the fund. Please I want to inform you that my family is now here in South Africa for now, as a refugees which has resulted us to be living in a make shift refugee camp.

I wait your response.
My regards
Mrs. Herate Muwani


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