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Date: Sat, 2 Jun 2018
From: Mrs Joy Obi <>
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Subject: Attention Dear Beneficiary .

Attention Dear Beneficiary .

Its my pleasure to inform you that your funds have been called back this morning and I have deposited it with UBA BANK PLC . I have verified from the Bank Director regarding the transfer of your funds and it was good news, because the requested fees was less expressive for you to afford. Your consignment containing your fund($20.5M USD) I have deposited it with the UBA BANK that your funds will be wired to your account Immediately you contact the bank director with your banking details.

However, I went to UBA BANK PLC to discuss this with the Bank Director as its has not been delivered to you, However he told me that your funds can be transferred to you via a direct wire transfer(KTT) or online transfer into your account. He told me to instruct you to contact the bank to apply for a direct wire transfer or online transfer into your account to avoid loosing your funds due to delay. Therefore you can contact the bank with below information, send to them your banking information.

contact the uba bank plc through
uba Bank Benin Cotonou Adresse :
Burkina Faso, Côte d'Ivoire,
Guinea Bissau, Mali
Place Ganhi, 01 BP 1280 Cotonou
EMAIL: ( )

Send an email to the bank with the above bank email and apply for your wire transfer or online transfer as I have informed the bank about you already. On receipt of your funds into your account, endeavor to inform me Immediately you receive your funds in your account. I have paid for the processing charges, delivery charges and Clearance Certificate charges Cheque showing that it is not a Drug Money nor to sponsor Terrorist attack in your Country,

The director told me that the only fee you are to pay to the bank is their transfer charges, which is $125USD to me by the bank management board members for the opening of new international account here in there bank that will be used to transfer the funds to your destination account in your country and it will also serve as the bank transfer charges. In fact, I thank God very much for all the movement I made, every thing went normally. As for our agreement with the UBA BANK Compromised that your funds will to your Country any moment from now.

Use this information to send them the fee below,

Contact the with your full transfer information regarding of the funds to be transfer to you by this UBA bank plc and also any beneficiary will be responsible for open a news account fees so as to avoid any scam and the fees is just only $125usd and you will receive your funds from uba bank plc because as soon as you contact the the bank in charges of your funds he will alert the united state bureau and injunction with your state police for the ATM CARD to be transfer from this uba bank to you without any restriction and problem when the funds get to you in your location area.

WAFIU further told us that the use of Nigeria Couriers and the Benin or western union money transfer and money gram was abolished due to interception activities noticed in the above mentioned courier services in Benin, Nigeria and Ghana and thereby have made a concrete arrangement with the UBA BANK PLC Benin Republic for a safe transfer to your country once the beneficiary meets up the demand of the conveyance.

Best Regard,
Mrs Joy Obi.