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Subject: Legal Representative Needed.
Date: Fri, 7 Aug 2009

Dear Prospective Representative,


I am Mrs. Liu Caixia, MD/CEO/PRESIDENT of Masuda Chemical Industries Co., Ltd. China. We are a company that deal on Chemical Products and also export them into America , Canada , Europe and Asia . But presently, we are been faced with some problems, most especially in the issue of receiving payments from our clients we have in America, Canada, Europe and Asia who prefer to pay us with other payment methods rather than cash due to the high sums involved.

And presently we find it very cumbersome in receiving these payments due to the new monetary policy in our banking systems here in China and this is gradually crippling our business. We have numerous customers in America , Canada , Europe and Asia and we cannot afford to loose them due to this problem. In an attempt in finding a lasting solution, we are currently searching for LEGAL AND OFFICIAL REPRESENTATIVES who can help us establish an easy medium of getting to our customers in America , Canada , Europe and Asia as well as making payments through the representative to us.

We hereby request for your hand in partnership to act as our Payment/Remittance Representative to act as our agent who shall receive payments on our behalf from our customers in your region. Do clearly NOTE that this commitment is not time consuming; hence it can be done alongside any other job of yours. Subject to your satisfaction you will be given the opportunity to negotiate your mode of which we will pay you for your services to act as our representative in your region. And in subsequent time to come we will provide you with the privilege of visiting any of the countries where our branches/outlets are located.

Notify your interest by sending the following legal information required below to this official e-mail address: []

Representative Informations Required:
1.Full names
4.Marital Status:
5.Present Occupation (Company And position)
6.Phone Number/Fax
7.Full Contact Address (Not a P.O.Box).

Upon receipt of this requested information you will attended to in the shortest possible time and further official details will be made known to you.

Thanks In advance
Respectfully yours,
Mrs. Liu Caixia.
Masuda Chemical Industries Co. Ltd.

Hua Mulan

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Masuda Chemical Industries is not a name for a Chinese company. It's Japanese.