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Received: from, Nigeria, Lagos, Supernet
Date: Sun, 13 Jan 2008
From: Jen Smith <>
Subject: Favour the shipper to avoid delay

Thanks for the response. Actually when i saw your advert of Entire Sports Card Collection - $7000. i was hoping you will sell it for me,

Concerning the pick up i have spoken with my shipping company for the shipping of the Entire Sports Card Collection - $7000 they advised that I send the shipping charges together with your payment in the certified cashiers check my colleague would issue out to you, depending on how much the shipping company would charge me, cos i have other goods they will also shipp for me else where, so as to make the transaction faster. because if i send the shipper a separate check it will take them 15 working days to clear out of the state.

So I would have to instruct my colleague to make out the payment with excess funds including the shippers charges to you via ups next day air service by early next week, immedaitely you get it then cash it deduct your $7000 , and send the excess funds of the check to the shipping company for immidiate pick up from your house and other items which they are suppose to shipp to my house from canada , colorado, and florida. i will email you my shipper's info of where to send them the excess funds of the check via western union money transafer or money gram.

All you are to do is to take the cashiiers check to the bank and get it cash then have your protion deducted from the total ammount and send the remaing ballance to the shipper.. Please I would need you to do me this favour for me as well my shipper coz they are the only reliable shipping company that has been shipping goods for me for over 4 years now. do this favour to avoid any delay in the transaction.

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Thanks for your understanding.

Hoping to do good business with you in the future.
Mrs Mary


Staff member
Geez these guys will do anything to send out a fake check. Of course when I look at this it's pretty clear this person does not have English as their first language.