Mrs Rachel Mpiza

Central Scrutinizer

Staff member
From: Rachel Lamola
Date: Sun, 04 Feb
Subject: HELLO

Dear Friend,

Having viewed your statue on-line which motivated me that you can be a trusted person,i am contacting you in respect to my late husband s fund worth US 25 Million deposited with ATLANTIQUE BANK BENIN REPUBLIC,for safe keeping purposes.But right now my husband is dead and the financial firm has been giving me several notifications to make the claim of the said deposit. I want a situation whereby i will present you as my Executor to the bank so that you assist me to make the claim of this fund from the financial firm so that it will be transferred to your custody pending my arrival with my only daughter to your country so that we can use it judiciously for investment purposes.

My only daughter will continue her education in your country upon our arrival once every arrangement as regards this transaction is concluded.I will be offering you 25% of the fund for your foreign assistance as long as you can help me out in carrying out this project effectively without insinuating greed and selfishness. I am contacting you in this respect for the below purposes,

1,To avoid awareness of my late husbands relatives because they would like to inherit it alone if i dare disclose it to them because they said that i do not have a male child for my late husband without considering the welfare of me and my only daughter.

2,To avoid awareness of Benin Republic Government about the fund since my husband was a former politician in Benin. Once i receive your positive response,i will give you more details as to enable us proceed

Kindly reply me at this my alternative email address as follow:

Yours sincerely
Mrs Rachel Mpiza