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Nov 13 at 8:14 PM

Dearest ,

Compliment of the day. I am Mrs. Sandra Kamson the Christan woman that contacted you since few months ago for the transfer of my late husband's inherited fund to you in your country. You wanted to help me that time but at the middle of the fund transfer, you could not continue again.I am writing to you today been with joy and happiness in my heart because I have succeeded and I am also writing to let you know that I am now at Zulekha Hospital India Continent. After we could not conclude the transfer, the bank manager later contacted one of the bank's share holders based in India. He is a Lebanese, an exhibitionist and his name is Mr. Ellies Sawaya, a christian.

He came down to Ivory Coast as he was contacted by the bank manager and finalised all the transferring procedures within few weeks and the total fund has been transferred to his bank account information in National bank of India. Before he took me along with him after confirmation of the fund by his banker in India, I made a cheque for you only for your compensation from the money I reserved and for you to use the money to alleviate your family expences.

I was touched in my spirit to make this cheque of $450,000 in your favour as a way to tell you thank you for all that you have done to me and the inconveniences that I caused you that time though we could not finalise the fund transfer. The only person that I trust that I can give the cheque to keep for you is my pastor, because I know that he will be willing to post the cheque to you as soon as you contact him.

His contact information is as below. I will like you to call him immediately as soon as you read this mail and also write him for the delivery of that cheque to you.

Name................. Pastor Frank Omeh.
E mail Address.......

Please call him first and demand for the cheque that I made for you. If you cash the cheque, please use it well. Let me know also as soon as you receive and cash the cheque. My greetings to your family.

Mrs. Sandra
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